Faireland Transformations – Fluffy Friend

A little goat, causing some fuss on the Fairelands Sim of Featherfall. How many of her sheep cousins have gone missing, only to find out they have been held hostage to create this town full of knitted wonders. Some great wizardry must be at work here. She has to admit tho, the flying yarn is rather amusing.

Helena Stringer - FF2021 Website - Fairelands Transformations - Fluffy Friend

While this wasn’t my first transformation this year at the fairelands, I felt like I needed to get this one on the site first. One of my favourite things about the Fantasy Faire has always been the multitude of little avatars you can find.

While one might think they wouldn’t really use them that much after the faire is over, I can tell you, I still wear all mine, and rotate through them all year long. Why? well as a designer, it can be rather hard to be out an about at certain locations, in my form of choice. I tend to stand out.

When you are a tiny lil thing, you can just go hide somewhere, and people either just want a pic because your cute(totally breezing past your actual name) or can be rather freaked out by your tiny ankle biting stature and leave you alone.

So pro designer tip right there, for when you need to go out right quick, but don’t had the time to talk to everyone who might come up on you out in the pixel wild.

I ended up falling in love with the Fairelands Sim of Featherfall. As an avid crocheter, it amused me to no end. What better avi to feature here than a little Goat!

The Fairelands have always been a place to welcome all types, and you will see many of the littler folk flitting about, on your journeys through the faire.

Join in on the fun, and grab your new Jinx Ickle Upsy Goaty . All proceeds from your purchase of this Avatar go to Relay for Life.

Store: Jinx
Designer: Julala Demina
Item: Ickle Upsy Goaty in FF Teal
100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2021

Visit Jinx on the Amethyst Rift Sim

Photo taken on the faireland sim Featherfall

I’m also wearing the new necklace from Ari-Pari, which you can find on the Fairelands Sim of Mithlumen. Even goats can have bling right?

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