A look at the Worldlings

Since coming back to SL in early 2020, and enjoying my first faire since 2016, I was instantly drawn to the new to me Worldlings that appeared at Fairelands Junction. While I would have loved to have made one myself, it just wasn’t in the cards this year. I was still excited to go see them this year though.

To me they are like little brackdrops that tell you just a snippet of a store of a world not yet fully formed.

This year they are somewhat shrouded in mystery, as I could not find the Worldling stories anywhere on the site here.

FF2021 - Worldlings - Warwick Falconer

This Worldling was my second favourite, as I have a thing for insects. I’m sort of curious as to what space bees are used for. Did they take this station over, or are the residents using them to make a fuel source maybe?

FF2021 - Worldlings - Beryl

This Worldling appeals to my dark nature, with all it’s ghosts and darkness. I can understand a bit why this one didn’t turn into a fully fleshed sim. Out of all the sims over the years I have experienced, even with some being darker in theme, they don’t outwardly scare you. This one would have everyone jumping and scattering their shopping all over!

FF2021 - Worldlings - Ariana Petrova

It had always been my Fantasy Faire dream as a designer to end up on an underwater sim and make all the mermaid things to my heart’s content. Sadly after many a year, it just has never happened. While I might have given up my dream, I do enjoy the underwater sims, as one of my top 3 things in second life to do when not working is exploring underwater sims as a mercritter. This worldling is a bright look into a classic scene of wait awaits you beneath the waves.

FF2021 - Worldlings - Daveosaurus

I’m not at all sure what is going on with this Worldling. There seems to be an element of magic, that isn’t right there in your face. The statue seems to be floating by an unseen force. I could see this being the place for a parade demonstration, or a port town somewhere.

FF2021 - Worldlings - Allie Munro

Red is always considered an evil, passionate or life colour. Makes me wonder which way the portal goes in this Worldling. Also, why is it The Unknown, like do those that see the portal, just not know what is on the other side? Do those that venture forth, never come back?

FF2021 - Worldlings - Aelva

Could you imagine a whole world above the clouds, with stars alighting, and creatures flitting by? This Worldling captures a bit of that, and brings us a glimpse at what happens when in the skies when you lay your head down to sleep.

FF2021 - Worldlings - Lost World

Now, as of opening day, when I took these pics, this Worldling had yet to appear from the mists.

Why would I take a picture of this little lost Worldling? Well it made me think, what could it possibly be? I have yet to check back to see if it appeared. It is on my ever lengthening ToDo list.

While there is nothing there yet(and still might not be), I figured it might be fun to play with the space, if it is still empty the next time I pop over. I’ll be sure to share my shenanigans once they happen.

So that is my take on this year’s Worldlings. You can enjoy my musings while you wait for the official stories to appear on the site.

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