Blogger Highlights I

The first weekend of the Faire has passed, and our amazing crew of bloggers has been busy since the early access on Wednesday! This definitely shows both in Flickr and in Discord where we have #blogposts channels just for the purpose of bloggers linking their posts for everyone to see!

We also have a blogpost reporting form that creates a list of blog posts and reports which review copies and stores from Faire were featured in the pictures, you can find it here.

I could not resist picking a few of the shiny opening posts to share with you, but I encourage you to check the rest of them out, too! They are doing wondrous job!

Fantasy Faire 2021
Clau Dagger has managed to capture magic in this shot: the look, pose and lighting work together seamlessly to create a moment of spellcasting, conjuration, perhaps the very opening of the portal to the Fairelands.

Tamzin Xigalia - The Song of Twilight
Tamzin Xigalia created another colourful composition of a fae blending in with the flowers, while playing a melody for us.
The Fire and Flames
Polyhistor Serpente zoomed into the Fairelands faster than anyone else, not even the dragons managed to catch her! This is an inworld shot with no edits, which honestly just boggles the mind.

You can see more blog posts and pictures in the report form, our flickr group, or in #blogposts channel of Fantasy Faire Fans Discord server:

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