Shopping, Auctions & The Gacha

Her High Faireness’ Treasures, the official Fantasy Faire memento gacha, is now out and available throughout the Fairelands, for example here at the FaireChylde!

Faireland thematic Wandering Chickens Gacha by Silas Merlin can be found in several locations, including the FaireChylde, so it’s easy to get your very own Fairelands Farm started!

Mementos that don’t require bidding wars or gacha, simple straight purchases: The Days of the Faire Banners available in Paer Thura.

What do you get if you combine sixteen shopping regions with countless events and entertainments and questing and and and THEN divide it by eighteen days? That’s right: too little time to shop! Worry not, we have a whole plethora and menu of solutions for this particular dilemma!

First of all, if you are looking for your favorite store in the Fairelands and have no idea where it might be, we have an alphabetical list of all the Faire stores with straight booth SLURLs to make hopping in and checking so fast that you’ll manage to get to the party at the FaireChylde still in time!

Then we have shopping galleries, (almost) countless shopping galleries! These have samples from the merchants’ RFL vendors, and are indeed just samples. Faire stores tend to be full from wall to wall, so no catalogue can hold all of that, but if the samples pique your interest, click to make the picture bigger and use the SLURL underneath the picture to go check that store out!

We also have Special Galleries this year. These are still a work-in-progress, but have some base already so you can begin shopping! These are galleries meant for avatars that are not human women. Why is that, you may ask? Because 95% of all the items for sale are made for human women. It is easy to shop as a human woman, there is something in pretty much every store! But what if you are a man, looking for some menswear? Do you want to go through 300 stores to find the few who make things that fit you? Or what if you are a tiny? Or a dinkie? Or a clip-clop unicorn? We will have separate galleries for each of these. The items in these galleries do not have to be new, nor do they have to be in a RFL vendor. There will be just one sample picture per store, just enough to guide you to a store that does have at least something for you.

With sixteen shopping regions and over 300 merchants there’s always too much to see and shop, and definitely too much to catalogue, but hopefully these galleries will give you a good starting point!

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