Party Ship Fleet Coming Your Way!

The FaireChylde built by Ketsui Naidoo and Grimoire Hexem. Photo by RobynRedhead.

The Fairelands are on their way from the Mists, almost here! Our professional chrononauts estimate that they’ll be here in six days!

This year the new Fairelands bring with them a surprise: a brand new ship carrying the proud name of FaireChylde, a flag ship for a small fleet of party ships! The fleet will provide more space for the Fairelanders’ dancing paws, hooves and various other limbs.

But what about the dragon? you might ask. Yes, what about Shahara? It seems our interdimensional Fairelands Union pointed out that at the ripe age of …glowing maturity (what, I’m not going to ask a dragon lady her age, I like living!) she is entitled to retirement with full benefits, all the waffles she can eat and tiny-provided nail pawdicures on weekly basis.

After all the years she’s spent watching the Fairelanders party, she decided her grand-grand-grand-so-forth-children can wait for her visit a bit more, she wants to enjoy the party, too! So she’ll join us this year in a place of honor, and relax for a change.

The bright new fleet with the pristine dance decks will be flying in the Faireland of Waffledonia, to make sure no one needs to stop partying for lack of snacks!

With this sneak peek to the new party fleet we also bring you the first glimpses of the planned parties, and the pied pipers making your paws dance, and dance, and daaaance! Meet our DJs, the Party-Builders and plan your schedules accordingly! (Early info is early: changes, updates, additions inevitable!)

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