Blogger Applications Open!

Calling all the Heralds of the Fairelands! Sharpen your quills and prepare to show off your work and scribble down options in the parchment known to the ancients as Blogehr Ap-likayshn.

As usual, it is a sensible and strongly advised strategy to read the info and questions before answering, makes things easier all around. (Who knew!) Therefore, without further ado (except obligatory ados for caffeinating first): Fantasy Faire Blogger Info & Application 2021

PS: Store Applications are closed, but if you are interested in getting on the waiting list, please contact Elizabeth Tinsley. Performer Applications are closed.

PS2: Fantasy Faire Radio is back! On the web browsers right now, About Land info to come later.

PS3: While waiting for the Faire, join us either in-world or in Discord! Fantasy Faire Fans in Discord: — inworld group copy-paste for SL viewers: secondlife:///app/group/7eb1b08b-1b3e-fdfa-1ad6-252c779e1b8b/about

One thought on “Blogger Applications Open!”

  1. I don’t play Second Life, so never heard of this before, but wow that is interesting, to know that stuff like this goes on. May this years Faire be a successful one. Blessed be!

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