First Glimpse at the Fairelands of 2021

Fairy Dance by Sachi Dog, picture taken in Lunafae at Fantasy Faire 2020.
Fairy Dance by Sachi Dog, picture taken in Lunafae at Fantasy Faire 2020.

Every year the Fairelands return to us in new shapes and forms, bringing with them new lands and creatures, mountains and forests, streams and lakes, and such stories that one could spend the whole Faire trying to puzzle them out and still scratch only the surface.

This is the first glimpse into the Fairelands of 2021, descriptions of the lands that will serve as the shopping regions. There will also be other regions for non-shopping entertainment, but those details are still shrouded in the Mists.

A’Dracunas by Luna Barak and Alrunia Ahn
What awaits the curious visitor inside this gigantic nest. As you explore the myst hidden ground, popping sounds of hatching eggs fill the air. Does something slither around your ankles or is it your imagination? Is it friend or foe?

The Amethyst Rift by Nix Marabena
The ancient but mysteriously preserved home of powerful magic users who vanished long ago, the Amethyst Rift is a city, or perhaps a temple complex, carved into the walls of a deep fissure in the rock at the convergence of several major ley lines. The magic there is so strong that it still flows in pulsing violet waves visible even to those without second sight. Explorers have wondered for centuries over its strange glass-like walkways and suspended monoliths, and many attempts have been made over the years to discover the fate of its builders, but no trace of them remains besides their empty constructions in the Rift. One of the more credible theories concerns the only structure in the Rift that is not whole – what appears to have been a massive, free-standing stone gate sits partially collapsed in a central square.

Featherfall by Kayle Matzerath
Featherfall is the birthplace of the fabled Fabric of Time. From its soft edges, yarn spreads throughout all realities. Visit Featherfall´s cosily woven Temples, it’s bouncy folded Country Side and meet up with a Tight-Knit community of String Theorist. Featherfall guarantees a soft landing. Please take your shoes off.

Isles of Tarrin by Teegle
Resting on the winds resides a peaceful colony, a peculiar yet awe-inspiring settlement. It is springtime and the flowers are in bloom while the locals join in the colorful merriment and open their doors welcoming travellers. What surprises await you in the Isles of Tarrin?

J’adoube by Sharni Azalee
“Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with insight and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way. We become each and every piece within the game called life.” The quote from Allan Rufus describes an insight into J’adoube. Some believe it may have been where giants played, or a lost civilization was built to worship the game. From its cascading fountains and chess box stores, to the massive sunken chessboard in its center made of puzzle pieces, your imagination builds. Now it is your move to decide what J’adoube is to you.

Khol Dracys by Wanders Nowhere
Rising above a steaming jungle domain, this massive ruined tower was once a central place for Dragons worshiping the Sacred Elements from which they draw their essence. Even in this state of decay, their mighty wings can sometimes be heard as they come in pilgrimage from all the worlds where dragons rule the skies.

Mithlumen by Amethyst Ytelde and Scarlet Fey
The age of nature has long passed but Elven sensibility remains in the marrow and veins of the futuristic realm of Mithlumen. Wood and vine are mere memories amongst the alloy and silicon curves that adorn the technological evolutions of Elvenkind. Magic, however, never gives up its lifeblood, only emerges from the chrysalis of time to operate through transmission lines and neural systems that bring the city to life.

Ostara by Beq Janus and Elizabeth Jarvinen
“Cut deep into the jungle floor,
Her nest she made, her child she bore.
And then, as all her kind before
she curled up close and moved no more.”

– translated from the oral history of the tribes of Ostara

The sunlight blinds you as you step into the valley from the cave
between the thick jungle vegetation, stark sun-bleached bones reach into the sky, all along the valley walls you see the ancient temples of the draconic guardians, you cannot be far now, this must be it, the legendary valley of Ostara awaits.

Peaville Goes Nuts by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Mondi Beaumont
Deeply hidden in the dense forests lies a small, very special kingdom: Peaville! Legend has it that a pea princess once fell from the sky and, after some confusion, met the king of the peanuts who ruled there – they fell in love and from then on they ruled the kingdom together, which holds some wondrous secrets! A special magic lies over this land and the attackers from outside try everything to invade – but: will they succeed?

Scrimshaw Warrens by Lrriven
Far below the snowy forests, remains of an ancient power lie hidden in the ice caverns of the yetis. Unravel the mystery of the runes and reveal the story of an epic battle. Learn of the creatures who remain behind and what they guard lest their felled foe rise again. Explore the frigid warrens, find lost treasures, and become part of an epic tale.

Somniatoris Arx by Faust Steamer
Before time as it was known, an entity fell from the heavens and embedded itself into the stone where it came to rest; until it too became part of the earth. Its passing brought unusual powers to the surrounding lands, and gifted the few who uncovered it the means to forge a civilization. In the compact city of Somniatoris Arx, industrious businesses are suspended skyward; filled with towering buildings carved by artisans of the sacred dreamer’s tomb as if to mimic cathedrals in its honour. A cacophony of bells rings from every cardinal direction, stirring the fallen spirit from its long slumber below

Tempest Bay by Bee Dumpling and Solas Enchantment
Isabella Bonny was a brash and irreverent lass with flaming red hair. After marrying a sailor in 1718, they journeyed to the pirate-infested island of New Providence, There, she fell under the spell of the flamboyant buccaneer “Bloody” Jack. So, she abandoned her husband, and together, Jack and Isabella began plundering unsuspecting trading sloops and fishing vessels with impunity. On one such skirmish, Jack was run through and killed by a merchant sailor’s cutlass. Devastated, Isabella vowed revenge for her lover’s death. Over the next few years, she assembled a fleet that was unrivaled and proceeded to plunder her way across the Caribbean Sea.

The British navies were enlisted to bring her to justice. Rather than be caught however, Isabella sailed her brigantine ‘Heartless’ to the mysterious island, Tempest Bay. A place rumored to devour vessels and send their crews to a watery grave. As the ship approached the island, Isabella ignored the shouts from her terrified crew to come about. Suddenly a fierce squall engulfed the ship and ran it into the jagged shores of the cursed island. The squall abated but for the ill-fated Heartless-all hands were lost.

Years passed and the island became a settlement and trading port. But the legend of the island and the infamous Isabella Bonny were known by all. Each night after sunset, the townspeople would lock their doors and shutter their windows. Because if you heard Isabella calling for her ‘Bloody’ Jack in the wee hours of the night, it would be the last thing you would ever hear.

Valhalla by Alia Baroque
Join the Aesir in the Realm across the Bifrost to feast with lost friends worthy of Odin’s mead.

The Wandering Woods by Kilik Lekvoda
Saints and warriors, airborne or earthclad, living flame or flowing water, are all welcomed here on their journey into dream. Explore the mysteries of The Wandering Woods, where the Spinner of the Threads of Life gathers all into the eternal spiral of being — ever growing, ever reborn, from brilliance to shadow and back again.

Yin Yang by Takuya Jinn
Through the union of opposites we become whole. Mystical garden.

~ ~ ~

PS: The Sponsor & Store Applications for Fantasy Faire 2021 are still open, the performer applications are closed, the blogger applications will open on March 22nd.

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