Thank You (Blogger Highlights VII)

The above is a magnificent picture by Tamzin Xigalia. It has everything a good Faire-picture should have: Faireland environment, Fairelanders of many shape and size, a Faire legend (in this case the Fairechylde, our dragonborne party ship) and of course bunnies! …fine, fine. I’m biased. Bunnies optional!

The problem with highlights is that you have to choose. Especially if you have limited time and defined themes and subjects you want to follow. Even if everyone would be deserving of a mention and a spot in the fae starlight, it isn’t always possible. Blogger highlights for Fantasy Faire are absolutely a case like that. I wanted to present them as themes, as ways and methods to blog the Faire, show examples of the said blogging, and I think for most parts that went well. It of course doesn’t change the fact that many a brilliant post was left unmentioned if the theme it fits had already been highlighted, or if there simply wasn’t time enough to include everyone within the short and busy weeks of the Faire.

I did, however, notice a very promising change in the posts: after a thematic highlight, there suddenly seemed to be more posts fitting that theme. It always made me feel proud of you, and like you were listening and understanding what I was trying to say. No better feeling for a blogger manager!

I debated today’s highlights for a while, because in a way they already have the highlight since they post on the official Fantasy Faire website. In the end I decided that this is more about saying thank you than it is of extra spotlight. There are many people who make the Faire website the lively hub that it is, people without whom you’d be lucky to get a daily event listing and a recap!

Inara Pey – Fantasy Faire 2020: Autumnium

Inara Pey has been with us for years, and I think at this point I can finally admit that I was wide-eyed and a leeettle bit fangirlish when I first realized she’s writing for Faire, too. Talk about professional! Her this year’s A Fairelands Journey takes us through the Fairelands in a series of beautiful exploration posts, each taking the time to respect the Faireland in pictures, stories and imagination.

Chronicles of Adair: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Adair (Nadjanator) has been writing for the Faire website for several years, and her returning cast of already-familiar characters continues exploring the Fairelands, some in search for deeper meanings, some on a quest for their goddess, some — like this year — in search of Scheherazade. She also took the picture for that poster, which could lead me into another lengthy row of thanks toward our amazing poster and region photographers… but trying to focus here!

This year we had posts from Ciaran Laval, Gwen Enchanted, Helena Stringer, Laura (Arualblues), Ryanna Foxclaw and Vylna Daviau as well. They provide a wonderful mix of in-character wanderings in the Fairelands and enrich the website immensely.

Since I’m talking of the website, I also want to thank our event correspondents for keeping the Fairelanders informed about upcoming events, as well as reporting on them afterwards. All of them also act as the event liaisons, being the main organizers and contacts for the said events. Saffia Widdershins reports about all things Literary Festival, as well as keeps us informed about Voting for the Fantasy Faire Rulers. Aelva makes sure the dance and performance groups are represented and promoted. Stevie Basevi reports on the twists and turns of the roleplay happening in the Fairelands. Without the three of them you’d get a daily listing of times and places and an occasional ‘there was a thing that happened, I’m sure it went well, I was working/sleeping at the time‘ in the recaps, so… THANK YOU.

There’s no better way to wrap up the thank-yous than by sharing another’s. I know almost all of us write some form of a Goodbye to the Fairelands post, and they are too plentiful to list, but this particular thank-you felt like it had to be pointed out and shared. It is after all, what being a Fairelander is all about.

Varosh Santanamiguel – Human

PS: Last reminder: If you’re one of our official bloggers, please remember to add your posts into this nifty form.

PS2: If you’re one of our official bloggers, also make sure you have the latest notecard mail from my Blogger Information Station, there’s a feedback form linked. I’d love to hear from you!

PS3: Well done, Chroniclers and Heralds! I’ll see you next year!

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