Meet Our Sponsors: Seanchai Library

Caledonia Skytower of Seanchai Library, region sponsor of Isle of Shadows and Live on the Fairechylde events.

Caledonia Skytower and Seanchai Library are once more a part of the Fairelands. This time they are sponsoring both the Live on the Fairechylde parties and the region where the dragonborne party ship flies: Isle of Shadows. Caledonia talks about the collaboration between Seanchai Library and the Faire, as well as all the great programs and events they host around the year. She also reveals that she will be DJing on Friday, so remember to mark your calendars!

Last year you sponsored Fantasy Faire Radio. This year you are sponsoring the whole of Isle of Shadows, and Live on the Fairechylde party events. What made you increase your involvement with the Faire? What all do you do for the Faire?

Last year we surprised ourselves. A charity that we have supported for years in March closed up shop. Nothing tragic – they’d been around for 40 years and felt that their specific mission had been accomplished, so they stopped. Job well done! We were caught a little off-guard so we thought, “why not?” and decided to launch a campaign to collect whatever tips we could and offer them to The Faire as event matching funds. It was a win-win.

So fast forward about 6 weeks and we were looking at L$110,000 – incredible! We’d held a few special events, but really it was business as usual for us. Yet, we’d raised this incredible amount of money just from folks tossing the equivalent of 4 cents U.S. into our jar at story sessions. So we tossed some event matching L$ specifically to the Litfest Dance event, and the rest to the event matching fund.

It’s ironic, we had at one point long ago said “Gosh! Wouldn’t it be cool if we had our name on a region as a sponsor?” We didn’t believe we were capable of raising that kind of money just from regular tipping. Clearly, we proved that that supposition wrong!

This year we outdid ourselves and were able to do an event region sponsorship, and more L$ on top of that for event matches. The Seanchai Community was joined in its efforts Gloriana Maertens, and myself, who matched each Seanchai L$ before it was passed along to The Faire: Gloriana in memory of her SL friend and mentor Thea Dee, and myself in memory of my Aunt Jimmie who passed during The Faire last year – both from cancer. So all Seanchai tips were matched, and then sent off to The Faire to be matched again. As someone who has spent most of their professional career in non-profits, including in fund development, I appreciate the elegance of that.

Seanchai Library has sponsored Fantasy Faire Radio year-round since it went 24/7 a few years ago, and they are a great platform for us to collaborate on such things as the special broadcast productions. People tend to think very linearly in terms of collaboration: you like potatoes, I like potatoes = we must work together and make even more potatoes. That’s not been my experience. The best and most fruitful collaborations that Seanchai Library has are the ones where each brings something unique to the table, and they compliment each other. In the case of FFR, the Library produces quality spoken word content, and the station gives us a platform to bring that to a broader audience.

Jekyll and Hyde Broadcast on FFR

Tell us news from Seanchai Library! What have you been up to?

We just celebrated our 12th Anniversary, and had a great winter series presenting Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile in a purpose built setting. We are planning another similar series beginning in June where we will present another Christie novel: The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side. We produce The Dickens Project in December, where we feature A Christmas Carol as well as other aspects Dickens’ life and times. The 2019 Edition was supported by Linden Lab, and was really incredibly successful in every possible way. We have lots of great plans and ideas in the works for this coming December.

And, of course, we are looking ahead to October and another great collaboration with FFR on a seasonal radio drama to follow up on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde from last season. Meanwhile, we continue our schedule of 5-8 hours of live story programming every week, as we have done since 2008.

Seanchai’s Cave on Isle of Shadows

What do you plan to do this Faire? What are your favourite things to do, the ones you wouldn’t miss out on no matter what?

You know, we tucked away our tip jars on April 23rd and have been telling everyone “GO TO THE FAIRE!” ever since. We have several manic hunt people who adore the Quest every year, and I would have to count that as a “must do” activity. I’ve been doing some writing, and took an awesome dragon ride last weekend all over the continent.

I’m also looking forward to doing my turn at the DJ desk on the Fairechylde this Friday at 7pm slt. Last year I did my “Flaming Bagpipes” set. This time I’ll be featuring great guitar riffs/solos/duets from some of classic Rock and Roll’s great guitarists including: Billy Gibbons, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Page, Orianthi, Carlos Santana, Mark Knopfler, Lita Ford, Joan Jett, BB King & Eric Clapton, Nancy Wilson, Don Felder & Joe Walsh . . . among others. Air Guitar will be encouraged on all frequencies. It’s going to be HUGE great fun! I can’t wait to stomp my boots.

Thank you, Caledonia, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for sharing the Faire’s passion for stories, and for Seanchai’s involvement in them.

Caledonia Skytower and the Fairechylde on Isle of Shadows.

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