Meet Our Sponsors: Secrets of Gaia

Rox Arten, the creator and owner of Secrets of Gaia, the region sponsor of Fairelands Junction.

Rox Arten, the creator and owner of Secrets of Gaia, sponsors the region of Fairelands Junction this year. She has been a part of the Faire for many years, and this time she was even captured and jailed by the Tiny Paw of Law! She showcases her Faire releases, talks of what the Faire means to her, and plans her shoppings and photographing well.

How many years have you been sponsoring Fantasy Faire? What makes you return and do it allover again? Are you involved in Fantasy Faire in some other ways?

This is the third year I have been a Sponsor, I have multiple reasons for doing it! First, cancer has touched my life, that of my family, and my friends far too often and too personally and I am here to fight so that someday no one else will have to ever hear “you have cancer” and feel the fear that comes with that statement.

Secondly, I truly love the Faire, everything about it and everyone involved, this is home and all of the people from organizers and world builders to merchants and the fans wandering around, every one of you is family to me! I look forward to the new worlds from the world builders and coming back together with a community that truly recharges me and helps me let my inner child out to play and give her free reign of my creativity.

I have not always been as blessed as to be financially in the position to do so, and now that I am, I feel that it’s just a small way I can give back to a community that has shown me so much love over the years and help support the amazing work of raising money for such a worthy cause. So, as long as I am financially able to, and the Faire has room for me as a sponsor, I will continue to apply as a sponsor and be honored if I am chosen to do so, and if not I will put the money into RFL vendors and kiosks still because it’s important to me and everyone else that we find a cure, and that we support those fighting for their lives!

Along with having what I feel is an amazing honor and being chosen to be a sponsor for Fairelands Junction, which is very special to me because I love the mythos of the Fairelands, I was asked to take part in an interview on Relay Rap, I’ve been caught by the Pawlice and had to put a call out to help bail me back out of jail which I am working on a storyline to go with pictures I take and share on Flickr just because it was such fun to be able to do a Jail & Bail.

Also, I DJed the 2nd half of the Final Shindig on May 3rd. It seems every year I add just a little more to what I do at the Faire, and I feel honored and blessed to be so embraced by this amazing community! I am always up to help where I can, the community has given me so much in so many ways often ways others may not even realize that I am happy to help where I can. Lastly, I’ll be showing a good friend Lance around who has never been to the Faire before as well as exploring it with Shawn and possibly Grogo so it looks like my calendar is going to be chock full of Faire time, which really just means happy time!

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

I have 3 new Goddess Sets for the Faire, this year they are Eleos (Ancient Greek Goddess of mercy, pity, and compassion); Hedone (Ancient Greek Goddess of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight); and Philophrosyne (Ancient Greek Goddess of welcome, friendliness, and Kindness). These come in a pack with all 3 full sets, individual set packs, and 5 divided packs of parts of the set including hair(with head accessories for that set), shoes, dress, nails, and accessories/jewelry.

I also have an item that was meant to be put out last year but because of a personal medical emergency I was unable to finish it in time so there is a beautiful kimono set in my store that was inspired by last year’s Nightshade Blossoms region that I was sponsor for. That version of the item was meant to be an RFL item always so will only ever be found in an RFL vendor. It’s a beautiful pink cherry blossoms design that comes with the kimono, shoes, hand fans, and earrings. Just for a bit of fun, I also have a silly Faire Arrest ankle monitor, just a bit of fun to go along with the story I’m writing about my Jail & Bail and there was en exclusive gown out for that day only!

Lastly, I am also bringing my latest project to the Faire, not in just items though there are RFL items in it too, also I am sharing my booth with my new product line Garden of Hedone, with furniture it’s very new so Shawn and I are still just feeling our way around new types of builds and texture work. It’s been exciting and hopefully, by next year we will have two separate booths to fill.

What do you plan to do this Faire? What are your favourite things to do, the ones you wouldn’t miss out on no matter what?

There are so many things that I love to do. I am excited to explore the beautiful new worlds that the world builders built. I will be sure not to miss the quest because the story is always amazing and I’m already in love with the idea of the garden story has me intrigued. I will shop like crazy really if it wasn’t for RFL I probably would think I needed an intervention! I will catch as many events and parties as I can get to! I love dressing up, shapeshifting into dozens and dozens of avatars, you can find me as anything from a teeny tiny nano fairy to a giant dragon, though I do tend to be human more often than not, I have a large collection of avatars that range from purple broccoli and a mushroom to a wood plank or a giant dragon avatar.

Some like the dragon I really can’t use that often outside of the Faire but before the Faire finishes I will take friends with me with the saddle for it and we will fly a lap of the Fairelands. All that said, it’s probably my picture taking that I’d have to say I would not miss, last year I had to squeeze as much of the Faire into just a few days while healing and it would have been the pictures from each region that I would have been sad had I not managed to get to them all. So if you see me in an odd place, like posing on top of a roof, don’t be surprised, I try to find unusual spots to do photos and give a different view of the regions than what you might otherwise see exploring.

Thank you, Rox, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for sponsoring the return of the Fairelands, and allowing the tinies to pawhandle you for a good cause!

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