Last Chance to Vote for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire!

It’s the last day of the Election for King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire -and it’s still all to play for! You  can still register your vote/s in Ambigula until 4:00pm today!

Nominees for the Chancellor of Fantasy Faire

The Chancellor election is still being fought primarily between the big-eared candidates. Swift Wind the unicorn has fallen away now, but Hazel the rabbit has taking an impressive lead over Baby Yoda – will he be able to hold on to that?

And in the other contests …

Nominees for the Queen of Fantasy FaireIn the contest for Queen, General Leia continues to be well in the lead. Vignette is maintaining her second place over Maleficent who has fallen back – but the fae from Carnival Row  has quite a lot of catching up to do to provide a real challenge to the General.Nominees for the King of Fantasy FaireThere’s been a real change around here! Geralt of Rivia has stormed into the lead, pushing Newt Scamander in second place, while Aragorn is steady (and not totally out of the race) in third place. Will we see another upset before 4pm today?

How do I vote?
RFL kiosks have been set up in the name of each candidate in Ambigula. To register a vote, simply pay the kiosk dedicated to your particular chosen candidate. You can pay as much or as little as you want but … the more you pay, the more chance your candidate has of becoming King, Queen or Chancellor.

In the Fairelands, you see, you CAN buy votes, and we’re quite unapologetic about it!

That’s because every Linden that goes into the kiosks for the candidates then goes straight to the American Cancer Society.

Voting booths for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire
Make sure that you don’t click on the picture; click on the little box below it.

When is the deadline?
Voting will close at 4pm SLT on Sunday May 3rd, and the results will be announced at the end of the Live Auction!

Do … remember what they say …

Vote early and vote often for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire!

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