Meet Our Sponsors: The Looking Glass

Sharni Azalee, the co-owner of The Looking Glass, sponsor and world builder of Lunafae. – picture by Julala Demina.

Sharni Azalee, the co-owner and creator of The Looking Glass, is both the region sponsor and the world builder of the Faireland of Lunafae. She talks of her world building process, shares the inspiration for Lunafae, and teases us with the upcoming Live Auction items.

Lunafae is the eleventh Faireland that you have built. Where do you get the ideas for them? Is it a long process of testing and replacing ideas, or a moment of inspiration?

Always they start with a “moment” that seems to set the ball rolling but each one seems to develop a life form of its own. I just love that creative process where you start something and then zone out in a creative bubble and let it build itself. It often ends nothing like the original inspiration.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year?

Previous years I get asked if things from The Looking Glass FF Region will become available after the Faire, so this year I decided to make my releases and all the RFL vendors items from Lunafae so people could take home a memento.

There is also an exclusive Lunafae Garden Fountain Music Box available by doing the amazing Quest and a Lunafae commemorative headdress soon to be available in the official FF gacha set.

Of course, as every year, I have also made a bus that Alia Baroque drives much, much better than I do and is taking tours of the Faire most days. This will be available to one person, at the end of Faire Live Auction, along with the main portal for Lunafae.

Lunafae – picture by Tamzin Xigalia

What do you plan to do this Faire? What are your favourite things to do, the ones you wouldn’t miss out on no matter what?

This year I’m running on the energy of mini naps so I can try to do ALL THE THINGS!! Being Aussie it’s an upside down challenge but I’ve already seen so many amazing events, jail and bails, rp and building classes, particle shows, and dance shows. Met lovely new people and formed closer friendships within our Worldbuilders team (and it’s only week 1)

Tell us all about Lunafae! Lore, stories, world building process, all the things! 

This year Lunafae started with one single photo and built itself from there. I saw it and immediately wanted to build the feeling it gave me of peace and serenity.

Lunafae Inspiration Photo

During the lead up and building process I listened to a set by Colemarie Soleil that was made for a Fae Gathering event we had at The Looking Glass.

It made me imagine an old formal garden that had been abandoned and reinhabited by the Fae. A place where they didn’t have to hide and could live free in acceptance.

I seem to build to a feel, so let the music and the creative bubble just show me what needed to go where.

I wish I was the type of builder that could give you an elaborate back story and folklore to match but I hope to stand in Lunafae you “feel” a little of what I wanted to convey.

I look forward each year to reading all the stories that come from the amazing writers and seeing all the pictures taken, hoping that I can in some way inspire creativity in others to join me in completing the full story of Lunafae.

Each Fantasy Faire I make a special Flickr group to collect all the wonderful memories of that years Looking Glass region, this years can be found here

Thank you, Sharni, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for bringing your creativity and visions to the Faire, and sharing your worlds with us!

Lunafae – picture by ColeMarie Soleil

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