Creation: Jailing of Alia Baroque 4-6 PM

Creation comes from nothing, and everything,
from Order and from Chaos.
Balance is the key,
Hold the balance,
Keep the scales aligned.

The event also known as the Jailing of Alia Baroque takes place today, Friday, May 1st, at 4 – 6 PM SLT on Zodiac.

The forces of Chaos and Order will battle against each other and only the Fairelanders can bring them to balance. There will be opposing Relay For Life kiosks, one for Order, one for Chaos, and the donations will make sure the Scales of Creation stay aligned.

Any donation is accepted, but those with minimum donation of 990 linden dollars will receive an exclusive Fallen Gods Inc. skin to make sure they can represent their chosen side fittingly. There’s two skins, one for Order, one for Chaos. Both skin sets include both male and female skins and are available only during this event.

DJ Lainey Thorne (surely on the side of chaos) will be spinning the music for the event, for every epic fight needs its own soundtrack!

When the main location on Zodiac fills up, there will be two overflow terraces connected to the region: one on Queensgarden, one on Lunafae. Both terraces will have the exclusive skin RFL kiosks available. You will also be able to donate on distance through the representatives of Chaos or Order: follow Fantasy Faire Fans group chat, or IM Sonya Marmurek in advance.

Listen to the FFR Promo

Journey to Zodiac


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