Highlights from the Blogger Posts III

Of all the Blogger Challenges we have at the Faire, I believe Faire Life is the most challenging. It focuses on traveling the Fairelands, visiting various events, having fun, remembering to take pictures while doing that and then writing posts about the experience. That takes a lot of time, effort and of course Fairelander spirit of loving and living every possible moment in the Fairelands. Therefore such posts are among my most favorite ones.

FF 2020 The Quest
Aznana’s Fantastic Fandangles – Fantasy Faire ~ The Quest

Aznana Shieldmaiden has blogged not only about the Fairelands Quest here, but has also made posts about the Literary Festival, dance performances, parties on the Fairechylde, and much more!

Litfest tour
Phire Within – My Day at Fantasy Faire

Phire Zuhra blogs about a day at Fantasy Faire, visiting various roleplay events, the Fairelanders’ Ball and Literary Festival. This is what Faire Life looks like!

Queensgarden Centaur
Michele Hyacinth – Queensgarden Centaur

Michele Hyacinth has been visiting and blogging Fantasy Faire since the very beginning, and always creates a series of exploration posts where she speaks not only of the regions, but of Faire itself.

Auxentios’ Pass - creators
Softpaw the Fairy Cat of Second Life: Auxentios’ Pass Creators

Softpaw Sommer has also blogged Fantasy Faire for as long as I can remember, and always creates extensive region exploration posts, complete with the region’s creator and store guides.

Want to see more? Visit either Fantasy Faire Flickr group or check out the official blogger posts of 2020!

PS: If you’re one of our official bloggers, please remember to add your posts into this nifty form.

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