The Sand and Heat we Love

Feet sink in the sand,
Well traveled,
Continuing forth,

A hidden Oasis,
Lush with trees,
Growing forth,

Blurred horizons are the view,
Dangers untold,
Shimmering forth,

Fantasy Faire Official Website Post - The sand and heat we love


Voices on the wind,
Almost discernible,
Stretching forth,

The dunes roll,
As the winds play,
Shifting forth,

Still we come,
Through this place,
Setting forth,

Original Poem by Helena Stringer, inspired by the faireland sim, the Drifts of Anamnesis.

The Litfest makes home of the Drifts of Anamnesis. There you can grab the Litfest Hud, which has all sorts of information to get you started on a different part of Fantasy Faire.

You can take guided tours(or self taken tours), just click the Hud, and pick a region. You will receive a notecard, which tells you what time the tour for that region is. If you missed it, you can always follow along with the notecard, and take the tour yourself.

If you have a knack for writing, or what some inspiration to get started, each region notecard has a basic outline for each sim, as well as some prompts to get you started on what mysteries might take place there, and need solving. You can even submit your work, once you are done(while retaining all rights to it).

Even if you want nothing to do with writing, or tours, the notecards do give some insight to what the World Builder did for the sim, or even who made the sim to begin with. If you were wondering why that building was slightly different, from the one you were just in, then there might just be a clue as to why! There might be other hidden gems in the texts as well, so it is worth a read.


Items at the Faire

Tattoo – Even~Tide – Mosaic Sparkle Tattoo in Gold/Red – 100% RFL Charity Gacha only @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Top – Dark Fairy Fashions – Urban Fae Top – *NEW and Exclusive* @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Skirt – Dark Fairy Fashions – Urban Fae Skirt – *NEW and Exclusive* @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Choker – Trinity – Deirose’s Choker w/Hud – *NEW and Exclusive* @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Headdress – Morbid Mausoleum – Saishea Headdress in Scarlet – 100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Horns – Mindgardens Creations – Demon Snake Horns in Gold – 100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Pose – Astalianda – Sagittarius Pose as part of Zodiac Fire Signs Pose Pack – 100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2020

All Other Items

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Ruin in Night
Mesh Head – LeLutka – Rein Bento/BOM Head
Face(Applier) – Essences – Arwen #9 in D01  – L$55 Common Gacha Item
Head Materials – LeLutka – Option in Default Hud
Mesh Body – Slink – Physique Redux
Skin – Essences – Ingrid TDRF01 in Dark 01
Body Materials – Blaxum – Natural Bodyshine
Mesh Eyes – Omega Solutions – Omega Scripted Eyes(for use with any Omega Applier Eye Hud) – L$50 @ Mainstore
Eyes(Applier) – Zombie Suicide – Sting Eyes
Bento Nails – Gorgeous Dolls – Baddie Claws in French Tips
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Karina Karina Daydreamer Necklace w/Texture Menu

Body Light – Blaxum – Dim Lights (comes with Materials Pack)


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