Faire Events: April 27th

Every day the Fairelands will provide an amazing amount of events for you to enjoy! Pick your favourite flavor of fun and join in!

Shopping All Day Long: Shopping Guide
Straight Booth SLurls & Pinterest Gallery of the New RFL Releases, also includes shop-hop lists for menswear, children and non-human avatars!

Listen to Fairelands’ Roundup for Monday 

10 – 11 AM: Literary Festival: The True Story of Scheherazade at Place of Stories at Khawr Maksar on Drifts of Anamnesis
Join Saffia Widdershins as she explores the genesis of these Tales drawn from Arabia, Persia, India and China.

11 – 12:30 PM: Roleplay Class at Cassiopeia
Voxel: The Overlooked Object Building Toolset ~ Taught by Maxwell Graf of Rustica

11 AM – 1 PM: DJ Rex Havoc Live at the Fairechylde

1 – 2:30 PM: Literary Festival: Poetry of Persia and India at Place of Stories at Khawr Maksar on Drifts of Anamnesis
Aoife Lorefield and Catori Mistwalker will read poems Scheherazade herself would have loved.

1 – 3 PM: RoleplayGrizzly Cubs at Spirit Valley of Kuruk
Music for the occasion provided by DJ Madonna Daehlie.

1 – 3 PM: DJ Haze Live at the Fairechylde

2 – 4 PM: One Team: DJ Whiskey at Mistakes Were Made!

3 – 5 PM: Literary Festival: Dancing in the Desert: A LitFest Party with DJ Easy Ninetails at the Hall of Ras Tarshayn on Drifts of Anamnesis
Break out the silks, don your desert attire and join us for the Lit Fest Party! There are 1,001 reasons to do just that!

3 – 5 PM: RoleplaySanctuary at Agra Adara

4 – 5 PM: One Team: Live Music: Maggi Morpath (maggi696) at Mistakes Were Made!

5 – 6 PM: Literary Festival: Region Tour: Agra Adara
The tour gathers at Al-Ma’ala Gathering Place on the Drifts of Anamnesis before venturing forth.

5 – 6:30 PM: Roleplay Class at Cassiopeia
How To Properly Enter A Roleplay Scene ~ Taught by Angela Carling (Angel Chauvert)

5 – 7 PM: DJ Nuala Maracas Live at the Fairechylde

5 – 9 PM:  Tabletop Games: Class: Tabletop Games in Second Life at Lamented Fens Hosts: Chuu Hikari Akamine & Remnant Ashbourne 

6 – 7 PM: Performance: Black Heart Theater presents ~ To an End, A Cautionary Tale at Ambigula

7 – 9 PM: DJ Smurfie Sands Live at the Fairechylde

The Literary Festival has an exciting program of events every day. In addition to what you see here, there are writing prompt sessions, open mics, a chance to be creative and share creativity. Check out Literary Festival’s full program for today at: https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/literary-festival-schedule/

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