Parting the Mysts

There is a magical time, every year, when worlds collide, from all different planes of existence. Reality is such a distorted thing, but sometimes a vision so clear comes about, that with enough thinkers, believers, dreamers, something forms.. It starts as a small grain, and quickly mudslides into something substantial. It is reality enough, though some would debate on that, when these realms are born in true manifestation.

Some don’t think much on it, and visit and behold these wonders. They don’t feel like they are stepping into someone’s head, or see that one place really has elements of places gone and past.

There are those that weep, for these new lands, they come from a familiar place, even though the magic only brings it for a short while.

For some it brings hope, hope of another day, week, month.

Others get to run again, stretch legs that actually function, have long flowing hair that waves in the wind and is the colour of cotton candy. A few sprout wings and fly for the first time, while friends take to the seas, flipping their fins. Some become something else, something not human, but that is okay, because all are welcome.

When the magic is alight, and the mists finally part, everything is finally possible, even if for a short time.

Fantasy Faire Official Website Post - Parting the Mysts

It takes many to part the mists, and make them ready for the Travelers. Zehtsreya is one of the many wardens, who holds the mystical powers needed to part the way and make it clear. She bridges the divide on Queensgarden.

The Fairelands mean so many different things to so many people. This year more than most. Our Reality, those of us behind the keyboards, is Globally unstable. Everything seems so different than this time last year. However, the Fairelands are here for you.

With charity events dropping like flies, due to social distancing, The Fairelands are here for you too. To keep that torch lit, and the hope strong.

The Official Slogan or Theme this year is “Many Realms – One Vision”  In the end we are brought together in one place, one time. Our goal is the same, to put an end to something. The Real World is depending on us. For we can conjugate on mass, we can be social, We Can Relay.

Lets show them what pixels can do. What Shifting Sands can bring. Where Fairylight helps brighten in the dark places. What wonders are no longer hidden beyond the Mists of Creation.

So, Traveler, it is your turn to visit, the Fairelands await!

I’ve got many things planned for the Faire this year, and I hope you will continue to look for my posts on the official site. Poetry and story telling is what I concentrate on the most, but you will also get to see some avatar transformations, as well as critters you can find around the Faire.



Items at the Faire

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Lightbloom in L.E. Fantasy Dark – Fantasy Faire Quest Prize
Mesh Eyebrows – The Stringer Mausoleum – Mesh Eyebrows 002 Countess w/Hud – *NEW and Exclusive* @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Eyes(Applier) – LuluB – Soul Eyes Applier Hud – 100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Shawl – Ss-Hire – Small Shawl in 3 Violet – Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Halo – Petrichor – Boen Halo in Thicc Sparkle – 100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2020
Staff – Petrichor – Tsubome Staff – 100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2020

All Other Items

Mesh Head – Dream – Ciara Bento/BOM Mesh Head – FREE for the Stay at Home Club
Skin(BOM) – Ritual – Elspeth Tone 1 Base – L$100 on Sale
Skin Overlay(BOM) – Evermore – Skin Tint 50% – L$1 on SLM
Mesh Eyes – Omega Solutions– Omega Scripted Eyes(for use with any Omega Applier Eye Hud) – L$50 @ Mainstore
Eyelashes – Chemistry – Long Eyelashes – FREE on SLM
Eyeliner 1(BOM) – Arte – Winged Eyeliner 1 in Black
Eyeliner 2(BOM) – AlaskaMetro – Tightline Eyeliner in 03 Black
Eyeshadow(BOM) – #adored – Lovestoned Shadows in Hot Fuss 02
Lipgloss(BOM) – AlaskaMetro – LiquidShine Lipgloss in Orchid
Dress – The Sin – Bella Gown w/Hud – L$10 on SLM
Necklace – Plastik – Crystal Deity Necklace in Darkness w/Hud – Common Gacha Item
Bracelet – Plastik – Dukrys Bracelet in Darkness – Common Gacha Item
Hand Crystals – Petrichor – Wytchdawn Spirit Stone
Particle Worm – Cole’s Corner – Electric Mana Wisp in Cotton Candy

Projectors – Nefekalum – comes included in Tattoo packs
Pose – PosESioN – Statue Pose 5 – FREE for the Stay at Home Club

***Pose Disclaimer – Staff and Crystals both have their own bento poses in the items, so the Statue pose will look different when not wearing these items.***

Photo was taken on the faireland sim Queensgarden.


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