Nominate the Rulers of Fantasy Faire 2020!

The Bard Queen is the ruler of the Fairelands, but every year YOU get to choose the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire itself!

Whoever is your favorite fantasy character, you have a chance to nominate them and perhaps see them crowned as King and Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire at the fabulous Fantasy Faire Live Auction!

How do I do this?
Use the form below to nominate your favorite male and female characters – and for Chancellor, nominate your favourite non-human character.

For example, here are last year’s winners.

The Rulers of Fantasy Faire 2019

Please note that last year’s winners (King Jareth the Goblin King, Queen Ser Brienne of Tarth and Co-Chancellors Falkor, the Good Luck Dragon and Kalessin of Earthsea – yes, we had a tie last year!) are NOT eligible for nomination this year.


What happens next?
We will choose the top five  characters in each category, and there will be a final vote-off during the Faire itself.

We are quite open about this – at Fantasy Faire you BUY votes to ensure your favourites are chosen. The difference in our election is that all the money raised goes to Relay for Life!

Then the winners will be announced at the Live Auction on May 3rd.

NB Characters should be chosen from works of fantasy which can be written or graphical texts or films, TV or radio shows. We want to be broadly inclusive of genres – thus fairytales, high fantasy, steampunk, urban fantasy, vampire sagas (and others) will all be classified as fantasy.

You can see this information on the special page for the King, Queen and Chancellor election too!

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