A Few Words…

Dear Friends,

It’s a scary time. Let’s just get that out of the way. I have been following the news more in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. I worry about what is happening around the world. How it is going to affect all of you. How it is going to affect the Faire. I have asked myself is having the Faire even a priority right now; however, my heart left no room for doubt on that question. Now is definitely the time for the Fairelands to reappear. Perhaps now, more than ever in their twelve year history, they are needed. They provide a home for us to return to from our scattered corners of the world. We will gather with friends and family in a way that is shut off for so many of us now in our physical lives. I find the promise of their return brightening my every day as the time for the Faire draws closer. I hope all of you feel that comfort too and it makes what is going on in the world around us a little easier to bear and less frightening.

I know everyone is excited to hear about their applications and the regions. I apologize for being slow but the good news is that I have the acceptance lists in front of me and with the help of Olde and Elayne will be sending out those notices today, Sunday, March 22 along with instructions on how to select your shopping regions. I have had a staggering number of applications this year and am even now trying to coordinate the inclusion of one more region to accommodate you all.

The plan is to open the Fairelands to merchants for store setup on Friday, April 17. This is three days earlier then usual and I hope this allows for a smoother setup and check-in process for everyone. We still intend to send everyone a demo store but those won’t be going out until the first week of April, which should have them arriving to you about a week in advance of the regions opening to merchants.

Traditionally we have a staggered approach to admittance to the regions because different event coordinators and performers need to get in early to start setting up their individual areas. I will be in touch about that timeline by the end of the month. I know that bloggers and photographers are two other groups that are eager for their entrance dates as well. We will be coordinating with everyone as we get into the first week of April.

The Fairelands are coming as they always do. We need their strength and magic now more than ever. Every year we join together to pull our energies toward a common goal, a world without cancer. Many physical Relay For Life events may have to be postponed or cancelled this year. For the American Cancer Society, as much as for us, we need to be strong and make a good stand. As a virtual event we have the power to allow all those who may not be able to participate in their local events a place to connect and relay. Whether it is through Second Life or our social media updates we will offer a place to contribute to a global action in the fight against cancer.

This year maybe our coffers will be lighter at the end of the Faire, but I believe that our hearts will be fuller. We always give what we can and this year will be no different. Friendship, love and companionship, along with lindens, are the currency of this year’s Faire. Give generously because every smile, every embrace, every heartfelt belly laugh is as valuable as lindens dropped in RFL kiosks.

With love,

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    This is good tidings for the ACS, the creators, for us as individuals, and for us as a community as well. Not only will the annual tradition continue, but this will give us as a community the opportunity to socialize and relax from the stress we are currently under. Remember to be patient this year, as the Faireland sims will probably be under a lot of strain for the first days. Keep your costume as gentle on the regions as you can, and don’t grouse if you find yourself walking around like in a cooled vat of treacle fudge.

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