Fantasy Faire Radio Moves into 2020

FFR on Mixcloud

Here we are in a brand new year, and the distant rumblings of the re-emergence of the Fairelands can be heard distinctly in the not-so-distant future. So the FFR staff is taking a break from the off-season programming you have been enjoying since June, as we turn our sights towards preparations for this year’s Fantasy Faire.

In the meantime, we have some information to share on adjustments we have made this month that we believe will help carry you forward till Faire time:

FINAL Stand Alone Frankenstein Album Cover

Our 2018 radio drama broadcast of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and the 2019 Tales from the Fairelands are now available on Mixcloud – FantasyFaireRadioSL.

Beginning Monday, January 13th the broadcast rotation of Tales from the Fairelands will comprise selected episodes from 2016 – 2019: four Faires full of adventures. We hope that these inspired poems and stories will remind you of cherished moments from those years, and whet your appetite for what awaits you in late April.

Listen for these selected episodes.

  • “Discarded Curiosities” by Aznana Shieldmaiden – 2019
  • “In A Sanguine Garden” by Kayden Oconnell – 2019
  • “Trolling for Answers” by CeeJay Writer – 2019
  • “A Company of Faire Folk” by Saffia Widdershins – 2018
  • “Deep in the Dark” by Caledonia Skytower – 2018
  • “It’s All Part of the Service” by Caledonia Skytower – 2018
  • “Keevel of the Story Halls” by Judi Newall – 2018
  • “Val and the Lady” by Lyr Lobo – 2018
  • “Dem Bones” by Caledonia Skytower – 2017
  • “The Hill” by Aznana Shieldmaiden – 2017
  • “The Spirit Pool” by Talia Sunsong – 2017
  • “Blackmoor” by Saffia Widdershins – 2016
  • “Bright Haven” by Midnight Dae/Zander Greene – 2016
  • “The Delta” by Zander Greene /Corvi Ashdene/Aine Flanagan – 2016
  • “The King’s Lesson” by Saffia Widdershin – 2016

Fantasy Faire Radio would like to thank its station sponsors this month: Seanchai Library. You can learn more about sponsorships on Fantasy Faire Radio at

Find out more about Fantasy Faire Radio.

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