Fantasy Faire Radio’s “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” is back!

Decorative Easel_004If you were benighted, bothered, and/or befuddled by the grid failures that disrupted this Fantasy Faire Radio/Seanchai Library co-production when it aired back in October, here’s a great opportunity for you!  We know that there are those who missed it that wanted to hear it, and more specifically who wanted to be there in Second Life to experience it live. This Sunday, December 29th, you can have your wish!

Seanchai Library is hosting an encore performance of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde at The Dickens Project on Sunday, December 29th at 2pm Pacific Time. You are invited to join us and cheer for Gabriel John Utterson as he pursues the mysteries plaguing his friend Dr Henry Jekyll, and be prepared to snarl back at Edward Hyde in equal measure. Or tune in to Fantasy Faire Radio.

FINAL JnH_Album_Cover

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde on Fantasy Faire Radio

Live from The Dickens Project Opera House

Sunday, December 29th from 2-3:30pm slt

“Wait a darn minute!  That’s not Dickens!”  No it’s not.  Robert Louis Stevenson was a good 40 years Dickens’ junior, and lived 20 years beyond him.  Yet among other things, they have this one in common: despite all the lengthy and popular works of fiction that both men authored, the one that was their best seller, the one known all around the world, the one that has embedded itself into western culture, was not one of the big works.  The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (published in 1886 at 27,622 words) was Stevenson’s big hit!  Not unlike how A Christmas Carol (published n 1843 at 28,944 words) was Dickens’.

This performance will feature: Da5id Abbot, Corwyn Allen, Zander Greene, Elrik Merlin, Kayden Oconnell, VT Torvalar, and Caledonia Skytower.


On January 1st, 2020, our Fantasy Faire “Off-Season” programming comes to an end, and our focus shifts to preparing for the re-emergence of the 2020 incarnation of the mystical Fairelands. There will be music, and stories, and magical journeys to be shared.  We’ll be looking for you there!

We’d like to thank those who supported Fantasy Fair Radio and its various off-season events: from the Midsummer Nights Dreams to Live from Dickens Square.  Thank you sponsors, and hosts, for helping spread the FFR joy throughout the Summer and Fall.

Little Big Designs

Lost Unicorn Gallery

Seanchai Library

Secrets of Gaia

Team Shadow

The Elven Forest

The Ravenheart Museum

The Realm of Rosehaven

Twisted Hunt and Events


We’ll see YOU at Fantasy Faire!

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