OLE FRANKIE IS BACK IN TOWN: Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” on Fantasy Faire Radio

I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel….”

~ from Frankenstein, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

In 2018, Fantasy Faire Radio partnered with Seanchai Library to broadcast a live radio adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic. We will be airing this two-hour presentation twice this coming weekend, and you won’t want to miss it.  The cast features Zander Greene, Elrik Merlin, David Abbot, Corwyn Allen, Caledonia Skytower, with Shandon Loring as Victor Frankenstein’s Creation. 

Frankenstein on Fantasy Faire Radio (all times slt/Pacific):

Saturday, October 19th beginning at 2pm 

Sunday, October 20th beginning at 11am

FINAL Stand Alone Frankenstein Album Cover

Listening parties are being held at the following locations and times:

CocoaJava Cafe in Babbage Canals, New Babbage, hosted by Ceejay Writer during both the Saturday and Sunday broadcasts. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babbage%20Canals/31/72/106

The CocoaJava Cafe (A Writer’s Haven. A Reader’s Retreat. A Bohemian’s Rhapsody.) is a casual Steampunk/Victorian literary venue. Authors and bookworms are often found lounging on floor pillows by the fireplace or sipping a drink at the cafe tables. Mind the shop cat though, he’s odd.

Seanchai Library’s Ceiliuradh Glen at Holly Kai Park, hosted by Caledonia Skytower  for the Saturday Broadcast, with special Halloween music and dancing playing for an hour after the broadcast concludes (and possibly in the half hour before) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holly%20Kai%20Estates/221/56/2966

Seanchai Library has been promoting stories and literature through live voice presentations since 2008. “The Glen” is one of six venues the Library has established at its home on Holly Kai Park, and pays tribute to Seanchai’s beginnings in the old West of Ireland Charity Estate.

Or listen on the web: Tune into fantasy.radioriel.org, or http://streams.radioriel.org:8070/stream.

FRANKENSTEIN on Fantasy Faire Radio is sponsored by The Ravenheart Museum of Art, Culture, and Curious Things: displaying among the largest public collections of decorative Libertine Eggs by Alia Baroque and currently featuring the exhibition “A Conspiracy of Ravens.” Visit them at number 5 Siddal Street – on Rosehaven Laudanum.

Images: 2018 Frankenstein Performance image by Da5id Abbot, Poster by Elrik Merlin and Caledonia Skytower.


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