This Month on Fantasy Faire Radio: September 2019

This will be a busy month on Fantasy Faire Radio. September will include a number of shifts in programs, and one spectacularly fun-filled event. (Pssst! Thar be Pirates!)

** The 2019 Edition of Tales from the Fairelands, will begin airing September 1st.  Four times daily you can listen to one of seven stories or poems that were selected from the over 40 compositions submitted as part of the LitFest writing challenge this year, inspired by the created realms of the Faire.  

This year’s edition Tales from the Fairelands includes: Ascending the Shrine Tree by Moira Draconia; Trolling for Answers by CeeJay Writer; Candle of Dawn by Caledonia Skytower; The Tiger of Urafiki by Fauve Aeon; Discarded Curiosities by Aznana Shieldmaiden; In A Sanguine Garden by Kayden Oconnell; and The Nature of Faire Fantasy by Caledonia Skytower.

All of the submitted pieces can be found posted on the LitFest pages of this website

** Tales from the Fairelands Features have been airing once a day at 10am slt since July 1st. The Features include nine selections from Tales from the Fairelands stories longer than 10 minutes, inspired by Faire realms from 2016, 2017, and 2018. Starting in September, these Features will be airing once a week every Friday at 4pm slt. 

Fourth_Tower_Promotional_Poster** The Fourth Tower of Inverness, a classic radio serial from ZBS Foundation, will begin broadcasting on Saturday at 10am slt, beginning September 7th.  Follow the adventures of the intrepid Jack Flanders as he encounters the strange characters in the old Victorian mansion of Inverness – and discovers the secrets of the mysterious Fourth Tower. This thirteen episode series will continue through the fall, with the final episode airing on November 30th.

** Hoist the mains’l and shift yer boom, me hardies!  Pirates have cast-off for Fantasy Faire Radio, and we expect them to intercept on Sunday, September 15th from 2-4pm slt. In anticipation of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we fully intend to celebrate in the traditional high seas manner. 

FFR Pirate Sunday Poster DRAFT 5

The Dread Pirate Caledonia will welcome all to a special 2019 FFR Pirates’ Cove on Deep Blue Lagoon, as we weigh anchor and set musical sail with that most notorious of seafaring brigands, DJ Zander Greene. There will be a post in the days before the event with the slurl for the party location, and the same information will be made available through the Fantasy Faire Fans group in-world. Or tune into, or

Shoulder Parrots, optional. The rum is never gone: Cale stocks it in inventory.


Fantasy Faire Radio would like to thank its station sponsors this month: Seanchai Library, Team Shadow, and The Lost Unicorn Gallery. You can learn more about sponsorships on Fantasy Faire Radio at

Find out more about Fantasy Faire Radio.


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