This Month On Fantasy Faire Radio: August 2019

There was a lot of gratitude and even more fun at “The Night Fantastic” this past month, as Fantasy Faire Radio said “Thank you” to all the sponsors and supporters who have helped us move from being solely an event station to year-round broadcasting. The Elven Forest was filled with listeners, sponsors, and supporters of all kinds – peaking at sixty residents! The owners of The Elven Forest, Belladaine Nightfire and Dark Moon, opened their realm and have invited FFR to return in the future.  Thanks to all of you who joined us.

August will prove a bit more elusive, as people in the northern hemisphere enjoy their summer holidays and vacations.  It is a month where we have a lot of things in the works, and there may yet be a few surprises in store. So, stay tuned for *Breaking News!* which could be released later in the month. You just never know. But if you stay tuned to Fantasy Faire Radio, you WILL know!

The Night Fantastic - Event 04A

Also set for release very soon is the 2019 edition of Tales from the Fairelands, currently under production. The stories and poems for this series were selected from the over 40 compositions submitted as part of the LitFest writing challenge this year, and inspired by the created realms of the Faire.  All submitted pieces can be found posted on the LitFest pages of this website. The Committee reviewed the submissions and selected seven to be produced by FFR in this year’s Tales from the Fairelands series.

The stories to be featured will include: Ascending the Shrine Tree by Moira Draconia; Trolling for Answers by CeeJay Writer; Candle of Dawn by Caledonia Skytower; The Tiger of Urafiki by Fauve Aeon; Discarded Curiosities by Aznana Shieldmaiden; In A Sanguine Garden by Kayden Oconnell; and The Nature of Faire Fantasy by Caledonia Skytower.

The 2019 edition of Tales from the Fairelands is set to debut on air by early September.  Don’t forget that you can currently hear Tales … on the air four times a day, plus a special broadcast once a day, at 10am slt, from our selected list of stories longer than 10 minutes, inspired by Faire realms from 2016, 2017, and 2018. 

Friends don’t let friends listen to lack-luster radio!  Invite your friends to join you, or consider setting your land stream or region to FFR: tune in at, or

Fantasy Faire Radio would like to thank its station sponsors this month: The Realm of Rosehaven, Seanchai Library, Team Shadow, and The Lost Unicorn Gallery. You can learn more about becoming a sponsor of Fantasy Faire Radio at .

(images of The Night Fantastic: A Fantasy Faire Radio Celebration taken by Caledonia Skytower)

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