Two years ago, Fantasy Faire Radio moved from being an annual event radio station running only during the Faire, to year-round broadcasting in cooperation with our media partner, Radio Riel.  It has taken a lot more than a will and a playlist to make this shift possible for a volunteer-run station. It’s required DJs, production, sponsors, and most of all listeners.  

Fantasy Faire Radio provides music and special programs for listeners in over 100 countries monthly. We invite you to come and celebrate, and let us say, “Thank you” for helping us make this vision a reality.

The Night Fantastic: A Fantasy Faire Radio Celebration

Sunday, July 21st, 2-4 pm slt

at the Elven Forest Ballroom, with music by DJ Elrik Merlin.

Dress Code: Fantasy /Medieval

Note: Elven Forest is an adult region, and child avatars are not permitted.

Arrival Instructions EF copy

The Elven Forest has a locked landing point, but you’re sure to find the party if you follow these simple steps:

  1. When you arrive on the region, step past the “Welcome to the Elven Forest” and through the market area to the southwest.
  2. Find the sign listing the skybox locations, with the teleport pad in front.
  3. Touch the teleport pad and chose “Forest Ballroom”
  4. When the light beam appears, sit to teleport.

There will be helpful Elven Forest Staff available to assist you.  IM Caledonia Skytower if you get hopelessly lost.

Our grateful thanks to Belladaine Nightfire and Dark Moon, owners of The Elven Forest, who graciously agreed to let us visit their realm for this event.

TNF Elven Forest 7-18-19 01

Enter a realm of enchantment and magic, where ancient trees rock to the beat, and sprites trace bright melodies in the night air.  Join Fantasy Faire Radio for The Night Fantastic.


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