Fantasy Faire at Relay Weekend

On the scale of one to gazillion, how much are you missing the Fairelands? Did you miss your chance of taking pictures of you on the Cool Bus? Have you never seen the Sacred Flamingos that are the first to land on the freshly emerged Fairelands every year? Is one of your Faire gachas incomplete?

Worry not, for some pieces of the Fairelands have landed on Fantasy Faire’s campsite at Relay Weekend, going on right now! Go dance with the flamingos, admire bus details, play some gachas and then go enjoy the rest of the Relay Weekend!

As you run the track, you might find a lot of familiar names and places from the Faire, including The White Havens built by Alia Baroque (if you never saw the Fairelands of The Tides or Odyssey, consider this a sneak peek). You can also find several of the teams involved in the One Team Initiative along the track, including one of the long-time Faire-sponsors, ACTS, and another Faire-sponsor, Team Shadow. Little, Big Designs, another long-time Faire sponsor, is sponsoring the campsite of Giant Snail Race, which is an absolutely amazing form of entertainment, try it out!

For more information about the Relay Weekend, visit RFL of SL’s website.

Visit Fantasy Faire Campsite

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