Meet Our Sponsors: Titans & Solarium

Kilik Lekvoda of Titans and Encaitaron Korobase of Solarium sponsor the Faireland of The Light of Va’loth together. Kilik is the world builder of the region, and shares some of its story with us. They also share their favourite memories, reveal their fantasy forms and Kilik even dances macarena for you!

How many Fairelands have you built? Has the process, the feeling, changed during the years?

Kilik: I believe this is my fourth… Bright Haven, The Hill, Willows of Nienna and The Light of Va’loth… yup fourth. The process was for the most part, easier than usual… not to sure why to be honest.
I think the stress of RL work and SL store and Faire region building all combined makes you a lot more efficient with your time and speed.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Kilik: Cheer the dragon fae avatar, Minkie avatar, The Bard Queen’s Jewellery set, pensive pond.

Encaitaron: Luminous Slayer! Katana + Light Magic = lots of flashy (magic) slashy slashy moves. This time around, I stepped away from my (just) “combat-design” roots, and actually also made a more RP oriented version of it. I really enjoyed making this one, I do hope people like to use it 😀

How was your region born? What inspired it, what is its story? 

Kilik: Unlike last year’s region Willows of Nienna, I didn’t have a message to push with this year’s design, rather I wanted to see other people’s interpretation of it… the city is abandoned yet the light still shines bright from the statue… there must be a story there.

The inspiration comes from a selection of video games and my general aesthetic preference. Normally I would start with the stores but weirdly the first piece to be made was the set of staircases when you enter into the region and it grew from there.

Since The Hill in 2017 my designs have been home to Bruno the Goat. He’s usually tucked away somewhere quiet, originally on his own but some other critters have snuck in to keep him company.

If you were a fantasy character or creature, what would you be?

Kilik: Wandering Elf Mage! Elf ’cause awesome… and the ears! Mage also ’cause awesome! Wandering ’cause then I can leave whenever I want! …and seek out knowledge ’cause what mage doesn’t want lots of tomes full of stuff.

Encaitaron: God (not of the Fallen-type though)

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to this Faire?

Encaitaron: Favorite Memory: My first jail event! It was probably the first time I got a good feeling around the Fantasy Faire community and the overall effort/mission. Looking Forward to… The Quest! This will be the first time, since 2014, that I can experience it without knowing all the spoilers and secrets 😀

[09:26] Kilik Lekvoda: and i have no favorite memories 😀
[09:26] Sonya Marmurek: what about any plans to do stuff ‘n things?
[09:26] Sonya Marmurek: ‘m going to put I plan to be a teddy and dance macarena.’ *nods*
[09:27] Kilik Lekvoda: hahahahaha
[09:27] Kilik Lekvoda: yes!
[09:27] Sonya Marmurek: ‘s a gud plan!
[09:27] Kilik Lekvoda: i make memories for people XD
[09:27] Sonya Marmurek: yeeees

Thank you, Kilik and Encaitaron, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for bringing beauty and life to the Fairelands!

Kilik and Encaitaron as tookies! – tookies and hooman pictures on top by Alisaundra Andel

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