A Few closing thoughts

by Elizabeth Tinsley, Zander Greene and Da5id Abbot

The Vizier, in dragon form, watches out over the Fairelands as the mists roll in. Picture by Da5id Abbot

Another year, and another Faire reaches its end. This year’s has been a rough one behind the scenes in many ways and, while the Unweaver always takes a good crack at knocking us down there were times this year when he seemed to be trying particularly hard. But together, as always, we came through it. Technical issues, surprises and all the usual complications that go with running an event this size came together to try and stop us.

But they didn’t.

Funds raised so far this year are at almost exactly the same level as the were last year, and this year we have the anonymous generosity of people beyond the Fairelands to add to it. Despite politics and economics causing troubles all over the world we, as Fairelanders, still brought the best of ourselves and went to work. It’s humbling to watch the Faire grow from the notes we made this time last year into the great sight which is now ready to fade behind us, to become a new set of notes and ideas, lessons learned and memories that we will cherish just as carefully as anyone.

But it’s time, now. The Fairelands came from the mists and must inevitably return to them. If they didn’t there’d be no surprises waiting for us next year, just as if our beloved Aetherea and Tiny Town had stayed last year we wouldn’t have seen Trollhaugen or Twilight Spring to fall in love with them as well.

It gives us all sorrow to see them go, but in letting the past slip away we embrace the now and prepare for the future. We’ll carry our memories of dancing on the Fairechylde on the Celestial Plain, of gasping in delight in Genesia, of all those moments of awe and wonder, of joy in seeing old friends and making new ones – these are the touchstones we carry. People say that they’re sad that no one person can see everything any more, that the Faire is so big, but as you think on that, think also on this…

The Faire you saw is unique. Your Faire exists on in your memory. It’s not our Faire, or your best friend’s. We all have elements in common, but that individual experience is its own priceless jewel. Only you saw the combination of things you saw. Nobody else quite saw the same things, laughed in the same way, danced in the same places. Most importantly, nobody else brought the unique spark that was you to join with the Faire’s.

The Faire is us, together. As we now make our sad farewells to each other as well as to the place that’s been our home, we each take that same spark away with us again – the part of the Faire that is ours alone. Each of us will guard that spark, cherish the memories it gives us, the joy, the hope the knowledge, deep-down, that what we do changes the world and makes it better. We hold it close, nurture it, keep its spirit alive until next year, when we all come together once more and our sparks combine again to form a beacon that casts light and hope and joy into the darkest of places.

Fairelanders, friends… don’t be sad that the Faire has reached an end for this year. Lift your eyes to the horizons and watch instead, and the signs of its return will be there to see.

Junction Abides, friends, and will be back to reclaim each and every one of us as her own next year.

We’ll see you there.

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