Meet Our Sponsors: Silvan Moon Designs

Bee Dumpling and SolasNaGealai, the creators and owners of Silvan Moon Designs, have sponsored Fantasy Faire for years. They are also behind the beautiful outfits in the DeLuxe HUD of the Fairelands Quest. This year they even taught about creating in mesh in our popular Roleplay Classes! They reminisce about their favourite moments, speak about why they return every year and why being a Fairelander means so much to them.

You have sponsored the Faire for many years. What has been the most memorable and rewarding thing you have done for Faire, and why?

Solas: Just being a part of it is a thrill, but Bee and I love sponsoring the Ball and being able to mingle with so many wonderful giving people. My other favorite thing is when Bee gets put in jail, she is such a great role player and so witty to watch and take part.

Bee: The most rewarding thing about being a sponsor for Fantasy Faire is being able to contribute in a larger capacity. It’s always a stretch financially. But that makes it even more worthwhile. I start saving up Lindens for months before the event. It is very important to me, and I feel that my contribution needs to be something that I am sacrificing a part of me for. I feel it is the least I can do for those who are fighting this terrible disease. As for most memorable…that’s a tough one! So many amazing memories! But if I had to choose one, I think it would be the camaraderie. The sense of kinship and oneness the Fairelanders have. We all come together from all over the world into this strange virtual space to wage war against the Unweaver. We are of one heart, one mind, and one purpose. I just think that is incredible.

Tell us news about Silvan Moon Designs, what has been happening in the last year?

Solas: Not only has Bee and I have been busy with building the items for Silvan Moon Designs, but we have also been learning new programs and techniques to ensure our styles grow with the times to give our customers the very best.

Bee: Solas and I have been very busy this last year! Mostly with events all around Second Life. I went back to school to get my Bachelor of Science in Design, so I have been juggling school full time, and designing for Second Life. It’s been challenging!

What are you bringing to the Faire this year?

Solas: This year Bee and I will be creating the Faire DeLuxe quest clothing again, always a fun task. We also will have some new gowns and exciting recolors of some of the favorites. The two of us will also be hosting a class on building with mesh and textures. Maybe give away some of our secrets.

Bee: This year we were once again given the opportunity to design for the much anticipated Fantasy Faire Quest! It is an honor to be able to supply the outfits for the Quest. We also designed a few gowns that complimented the theme of Midas, the sim we were assigned to. Babylonian color themes and textures. We hope you like them! 🙂

If you were a fantasy character or creature, what would you be?

Solas: I would be a magic elf, mage cross. With long beautiful ears adorned in stones and pixy hair. I’d carry a big staff with a glowing jewel mounted at the top and a belt full of potions that if you look inside you see a small tornado of color and sparkles.

Bee: If I were a fantasy creature, I would be something ethereal, and part of nature. A wisp, a fairy, or water nymph. I love nature, and I am also a vegan in real life.

Do you have new favorite Faire memories to share or things you’re looking forward to most this year?

Solas: Each year has so many amazing things, it’s hard to pick just one. The most rewarding memory is seeing how generous everyone is with their time, L$ ❤ and mostly how much fun people have. I always look forward to seeing the wonderful designs of the Sims and the unique products people set for sale.

Bee: I think I say this every year, but it’s my favorite thing to do, and that is, explore. I put on my headphones, listen to Fantasy Faire Radio, and immerse myself in the realms of Fantasy Faire. I allow myself to try and see the vision of each of the Worldbuilders. I always come away with memories and mental images of the realms, and realms of past builds. The Fairelands may dissolve into the mists each year, but they live on in our memories for sure.

Thank you, Bee and Solas, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for joining us in the Fairelands, sponsoring their return, and all the various ways you are involved in making them better every year!

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