The Faireland Portals Close for the Year

Fantasy (fantasyfaire): It has been a pleasure and a joy to spend the last two weeks with you all in our beloved Fairelands. Thank you so much for all you bring with you every year to the Faire, your love, your camaraderie, and most importantly your belief. With enough belief anything is possible and we prove that over and over again with every Faire. 

Each of you has played a vital role in our success. The Faire is many things, but ultimately it’s not about regions, events or money raised. It’s about each of us, all of us and what we can do when we believe in one another.

Fantasy Faire 2019 is now closed, and the Fairelands are beginning their journey back into the Mists.

The Quest Region of Thornfast will be open to the public through May 8, so everyone has time to finish Chapter 2 of The Fairelands Quest. It is not possible to begin the quest anymore, for the Fairelands which are needed for Chapter 1 are not available, but if you finished collecting the magical ingredients and were sent to Thornfast, you still have several days to defeat Lantoris (and to claim the treasure hoard in the end).

The rest of the Fairelands are locked down to staff only for diagnostic work with the Linden Lab before the lands fade completely.

So while you practice your spells and sneak past dragons in Thornfast, know that you did something amazing this year, and that the Fairelands that you loved and lived in will return next year in new shapes to welcome you home once more.

Junction Abides, Fairelanders. Junction Abides.

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