The Company of Faire Folk rides out … again!

The Company at the Light of Va’loth, captured by Gwen EnchantedThrought

Throughout the Faire, every night (bar one), a small band of explorers set out to visit all of the Fairelands, one by one. Some people came every night … some came to explore regions that particularly delighted or intrigued them.

Sometimes the Company spent all their time exploring. Sometimes they paused to tell stories. And sometimes they concluded by dancing to music chosen by Nyza Stillwater and (for two tours) Astoria Luminos.

Eventually, the Fairelands will fade back into the mists. But the Company enjoyed their explorations so much that they came up with a plan.

The Company of Faire Folke Rides Out!

We are planning to take regular explorations across the grid, mostly (we think) to Fantasy regions but, by agreement, other areas such as art regions and historical settings. We’re planning to do this every couple of weeks, to keep the spirit of the LitFest Tours alive.

To facilitate this, we have formed a Second Life Group called Company of Faire Folk. You can join inworld.




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