The sound of Serpents

The sibilant sound reverberated around the bayou, licking over leaves and Phyllomedusa alike.

It hadn’t been long since the mists had cleared, well, mostly cleared. Patches lingered here and there, as things were wont to do. Strands of spanish moss clung to branch and rigging; giving foot, toe and claw holds to all manner of creatures making their way through an environment never clear, never obviously dangerous or benign.

Strings of lights danced languorously in the warm air, moisture collected to drip from wooden beams. Vast wheels lay still, their vessels at a final mooring. Still the hissing continued, enticing, warning, hypnotising… who could tell? Surely in any realm it was wise to treat the words of strangers with care? Here, where language so strange, yet so pleasing to the ear seemed to guide, to lead, it was the safer choice to turn away, to keep to clear paths?
Safer, perhaps. But those who came to these lands were not so craven as to always seek safety above adventure, to keep to the guaranteed when something more beckoned. There was risk, of course! However, those who feared to listen to the hiss of the serpent may never experience the murmured wisdom of the dragon. Some welcomed the pain of tooth and claw for the chance to learn, the opportunity to grow. What was the risk of an occasional dunking in the bayou compared to that?
Images taken in the Fantasy Faire Sim Bayounimba
With what felt like everyone in the fairelands today descending on Thornfast, and bringing oodles of rubberband walking to the tune of Baba Laga – its a fantastic opportunity to go shopping and wait for the quest hubbub to quieten before you run in. I know, I know. All well and good for me to say, I got in early and am *mwuhahaha* Already finished! If it makes you feel any better it took almost three hours of trying to convince mermaids to talk to me… even with the help on this site – which I strongly urge you to check out!

Hair : [ Wilds of Organica ] Medusa Gorgon Hair (PINK) – This MOVES!!! SO COOOOL!!!

The Shrine Tree

Horns : *NeverWish* Dreamer Horns – Big – RFL


Skin :  alpha.tribe::: [Crow]


Scarification tattoo :  *Birth* Scarification Omega Applier – ‘Drums’

Tensors Flying Market

Ear Cuff : God Mod – Dragon cuff Destiny

Twilight Spring

Eyes :  {Acios} Eyes of Bayounimba


Necklace : [HarshLands] FF X Necklace – UNCOMMON – Crystals

Light of Valoth

Gown : Belle Epoque { Isabella } FF19


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