A Wandering Life

For some, a life apart was the only true way of living.


Never quite comfortable at the beginning, all things take some getting used to. Even ruts take time to wear in, furrows some time to plough. Some find comfort in the familiar, unaware of, or perhaps not caring about the wearing away and moulding they receive in return. The grit in the shoe, the twitching discomfort of muscle or soul, these plagued some past the point of forbearance. For better or worse, the pursuit of something ‘other’ had to begin.

Of course, even in the life apart these wanderers crossed paths. Those who felt adrift and out of place at home could hope to find their home in places new. To find those places was not always to search for the unknown, nor was it an endless quest for solitude. This is where the market was invaluable. Wherever the market happened to be; for its location was never something you could guarantee. Rumour and hearsay were the highways which led in its ever changing direction, its wares and stall holders equally as ephemeral. The only constant was the lack of continuity – and that was enough. There would always be something new to see, some fresh entertainment to be enjoyed with strangers soon to be companions or friends.
This life apart was not for everyone, it could not exist if it was. For those who chose it willingly, or were pressganged into it by forces and spirits unknown, it could be intoxicating. It could be for you, do you hear the call, even a whisper that there may be more? Come and find the floating market, and perhaps you can find out.

Images taken in Fantasy Faire SIM  Tensors Flying Market

Fabulous items listed below and pictured above are available at the Fantasy Faire, raising money to support those fighting cancer, helping them to do so in safety and with dignity through the American Cancer Society.

Hair : Wasabi // Prudence Mesh Hair


Circlet : Talevin’s Designs – Crescent Circlet

The Shrine Tree

Eyes :  {Acios} Eyes of Bayounimba


Staff : Talevin’s Designs – Lunar Staff

The Shrine Tree

Ring : *OnALark* Eternal Love Ring


Nails : DP – Koffin Nails –  Moon Totem

Twilight Spring

Dress : God Mod – Malika Rust Dress

Twilight Spring

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