Particle Circus, Bagpipes and dance, dance, dance!

I have a bag full of goodies for you today. Something the style of Bertie Bott´s but only good flavors. Circus & Particles, Bagpipes & Tinies, and dancing ladies in fairytale settings, todays performance program is going Umami.

First on the program with a matiné is Misfits Dance and Performance Art doing their final performance of the “Misfit Follies” show at Genesia between 8 – 10 am.

Right after a sim restart we move along to the particle intense Circus of The ChangHigh Sisters. A classic at the Fantasy Faire and one treasured by the audience, this show is always very popular. Beginning at 11 am sharp, an hour full of colorful lights against the black surrounding of Genesia.

While we do a  quick clean of the fireworks at Genesia and allow the Terpsicorps ladies to prepare, we continue the party in the Jungles of Urafiki. Borrowing the One Team stage, the Red Hot Chili Pipers bring out their bag pipes and show you how to party Tinie style. Popular tunes on bagpipes? Total Epicness starting at Noon!

Closing the performance day we take off to Fairytale land with the Terpsicorps dancers. This show is a collection of Fairytale stories told in dance and music. Stunning sets and effects, beautiful costumes and dance, dance, dance! These ladies know how to put on a show. So come to Genesia at 1 pm and enjoy!


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