Keres and the Guardian of Celestial Plain

I followed the scent of the blood of the Fairechylde
Through mountains and valleys to Celestial Plain
The air reeks of ancient and colorful magic
But soon I will flood it with gloom and decay.

Keres Celestial

Primeval ruins give way to wild nature
The spells in the air obfuscate my sense
I found myself face to face with a creature
Magnificent guardian of these wretched plains.

Centaur 1

“Who comes to our gates creeping in from the darkness?
Who dares bring this furtive stench of sadness and death?
Halt there on your step, loathsome spectre, name yourself,
For I am the Sacred Guardian of this Celestial Plain!”

Centaur 2

The ground under me vanished at a sweep of his staff
I was dragged to the void by a most tenebrous wind
When I woke up, he wasn’t there, neither was that land
The memory of his bright eyes still crawls on my skin.

Follow the quest of the antediluvian Keres, while she hunts for souls in her attempt to invade the breathtaking Fairelands, from April 18th to May 5th. She was just ejected from the magnificent Celestial Plain, and she didn’t even have time to see the dragon… Where will she land next?

Find out more about the Fantasy Faire 2019 HERE.
Find out more about Relay For Life HERE.
Find out more about the American Cancer Society HERE.

✽ڿڰۣ— CREDITS ڿڰۣ—✽

Note: I’m only listing the items found at the Fantasy Faire. For more detailed credits, please visit the “sister post” on my own blog, clicking here.

**NOTE: The guardian is male, even though I used female skin, head, and body.
Skin: Charlindra Drow Princess Classic Skin Set (Fantasy Faire in Twilight Spring)
Tattoo: [Seydr] Dryad: Crystal (Fantasy Faire in The Shrine Tree)
Centaur Addon: Jinx : Special Edition FF Arwenae for Centaur (Fantasy Faire in Faireholm)
Eyes: {Acios} Eyes of Bayounimba (Fantasy Faire in Bayounimba)
Hair: !!Firelight!! Irene Gen2Plus (Fantasy Faire in Sanguinely Garden)
Outfit: ~*MF*~ Rena Outfit – Fantasy (Fantasy Faire in Tensors’ Flying Market)
Jewelry: Air_Gothic Halo – Gold (Fantasy Faire in The Shrine Tree)
Accessory: Talevin’s Designs – Lunar Staff (Fantasy Faire in The Shrine Tree)
Poses: Poseidon – Elf Warrior pack / Nazgul pack (Fantasy Faire in Twilight Spring)
**Note: The lower body part of the poses is overridden by the Centaur AO.

Skin: Sinful Needs Skin – Children of the Night (F) V2 (Fantasy Faire in Twilight Spring)
Jewelry: Zuri’s Ophelia Set – Pink Diamond-Mix Metals (Fantasy Faire in Nightshade Blossoms)

Quotes: My own ramblings

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