Region Tours Until May 4th


Every day at 5 PM SLT the Company of Faire Folk rides out from our meeting place in Trollhaugen to explore the Fairelands, each day visiting a separate Land.

The Tours are led by Saffia Widdershins, with special music appropriate for each Land usually supplied by Nyza Stillwater (the opening day featured Music from ColeMarie Soleil, and on April 23rd and 24th by Astoria Luminos).

Even if you can’t make the Company Riding Out, you can still do the LitFest Tours and submit your stories and poems for inclusion on the website!

The Meeting Point

The Company of Faire Folk meets at a special location in Trollhaugen, and here you will find all you need to have your own LitFest Tour.

Under the Book Table to one side, you will see a sign for the LitFest Tours HUD. Click on this and you will get your own HUD.

How to get your HUD

Wear your HUD and you will see various options: you can get all the landmarks, you can find out how to email your story, you can link to the website and you can get a link to Trollhaugen.

The notecards (researched and created by Aoife Lorefield) give you ideas and suggestions about each of the regions. On the HUD, they are divided into two sections – the ones that will be visited during the Main Faire (the shopping regions), and the ones that will be visited in the following week (the event regions).

But if you are planning your own tour, you will be able to access any region, any time! This will allow you to tour the regions at your own pace.

The HUD (and the Troll)

We hope that people touring the regions will feel inspired to write stories and poems. If you submit these within two days of the formal Tour, they will appear on the main blog. Thereafter, all the stories will appear on the LitFest pages, and be archived thereafter – unless you request we keep them private.

And some may be chosen to be recorded for inclusion in the Fantasy Faire Radio short stories!

You will retain copyright throughout.

How to send your story/poem

The HUD will tell you how to email your story, but there is also a rustic postbox next to the book table by the meeting point, and you can post your work there!

Literary Festival Region Tours and Writing Challenges

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