Keres hunting – The calling

The late snows are thawing in the murky night
And to the smell of souls arriving so I rise
A hunger from past winters moves my limbs
As the Fairelands re-emerge from within mists

01-Junction 02

My blood heeds ancient summons in the moonlight
Old vengeful spirits of death and doom and blight
We will overrun the Junction and all the Fairelands
I relish in the promise of a most blasphemous hunt

01-Junction 01

Follow the quest of the antediluvian Keres, while she hunts for souls in her attempt to invade the breathtaking Fairelands, from April 18th to May 5th. Here she drifts at the Junction, the life center of the lands, the beginning and the end of the cycle of fantastic realms, bringing in the ancient voices of the vengeful spirits to guide her next steps.

She’s hungry…

01-Junction 03

✽ڿڰۣ— FEATURING ڿڰۣ—✽

Disclaimer: This is one post of a series. The items may not be perfectly visible in all the “Keres hunting” blog posts, but I’m listing them nonetheless.
Disclaimer 2: I’m only listing the items found at the Fantasy Faire. For more detailed credits, please visit the “sister post” on my own blog, clicking here.

Skin: Sinful Needs Skin – Children of the Night (F) V2 (Twilight Spring)
Jewelry: Zuri’s Ophelia Set – Pink Diamond-Mix Metals (Nightshade Blossoms)

Quotes: My own ramblings

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