Performance Teaser

For the fifth year in a row I have the honor of performing at Fantasy Faire. I also have the honor and privilege to work with an amazing team of talented co-performers to present a program of quality entertainment that is rarely seen in SL at this scale.

It amazes me every year to see this part of the Faire grow. New groups apply, which is a joy to see, but to see so many return to the roster year after year is even more of a joy. So many old friends, bonding and working together to make this event what it is and that is the same kind of spirit that embraces the rest of the Faire too. If you have taken part in this part of Fantasy Faire before, you probably have some favorites by now. There is something for everybody, whether it is a regular dance show, a particle performance, something more theater like, or something interactive where you as an audience get to dance along or if it is the uplifting spirits of the cheerleaders. We have some planned for YOU.

This year there are 17 groups on the program, with 37 shows planned over the 10 days the official program is running. Check out the official Fantasy Faire blog for the details on the following pages and mark your calendars:

Performance Schedule | Groups | Credits

This year we are spread out over three different stages on three different sims:

Genesia by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis that is the official Arts & Performance Region.

Trollhaugen by Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen (polysail) that is the Literary Festival Region.

The Celestial Plain by Syn Beresford that is the home of the Fairechylde and the main DJ and party region.

It amazes me how complex and beautiful these builds are and that we are welcome to be a part of them in our own way, breathing some life into the environment with our movement.

First up today, kicking off the performers program for the Fantasy Faire 2019, will be The Night Theater performing their brand new show Bergatagen starting at 1pm. Following at 4pm will be Royal Cabaret, a troop that is new to the Faire for this year and very excited to be performing in this special environment. Last but not least, the SLCS, SLs own cheerleading squad is going the extra mile with different themed shows each time they perform and today they are going angelic for us. The SLCS show starts at 6pm slt and all of these shows can be seen at Genesia.

I hope I have sparked your interest and that we will see you around our shows, let our magic enchant you!

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