All Builders Together

by Elizabeth Tinsley, Zander Greene and Da5id Abbot

As we write this, Elizabeth’s chasing late-arriving merchants, Zander’s in studio producing pieces for FFR and David’s on top of a tower watching the check-in team working to help those merchants who’ve already arrived and set up their stores. It’s the Faire in a nutshell: everyone working in their own tasks to create a larger whole, and that again is a snapshot of Relay, which is a snapshot of the fight against cancer.

Last year, we said “We’re all builders now.” It’s still true: the Hope Hostel at Kenyatta National Hospital is almost ready to begin, and by the end of this Relay season we’re pretty confident that they’ll be ready to break ground, but we’re building – and we have built – more than a place for people to stay. We’ve built a home here in the Fairelands that we each take with us when the mists return and we go our separate ways for another year. We’ve built a dream of a better world – one where cancer is easily treated and where survivors and caregivers no longer have to face the struggles they do now.

Most importantly, though, we’ve built a community.

No matter what we do here, we are all Fairelanders. We stand together, shoulder to shoulder with one another the way we do with our friends in Kenya. This year we’ve chosen to recognise that friendship in the name of our One Team region, where Urafiki is the Swahili word for friendship. We are all one team, be it as workers, performers, merchants and visitors in the Fairelands, as member of the Relay in Second Life or in the world as a whole, as brother and sisters, children and parents, friends, survivors, caregivers… that essential humanity, that essential comradeship, binds us all together.

We are one team.

As Kristen’s explained, we’ve already changed lives in Kenya. We’re going to see ground struck on the Kenyatta National Hospital’s Hope Hostel and change a whole lot more. And there’s more work to be done in more places, and Fairelanders like us – Fairelanders like you – are going to be right in there. We’ll be there in spirit, we’ll be there in love. Our actions here will change lives across the world and we will make that dream – our dream, that world where cancer no longer causes the dread it does today – a reality.

Fairelanders, friends… it’s in our grasp. Let’s finish the job.

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