Meet Our Sponsors: The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Natalie Montagne, the owner and curator of The Lost Unicorn Gallery, sponsor of Trollhaugen.

Natalie Montagne, the owner and curator of The Lost Unicorn Gallery, sponsors the Faireland of Trollhaugen. She has been a part of Fantasy Faire for many years and shares her reasons to continue supporting the growth of Fairelands. She tells how also her gallery keeps growing, lately into two new regions!

You have sponsored the Faire for many years now. What keeps bringing you back? Has the Faire-experience changed with the years?

Fantasy Faire is my favorite and most heartfelt cause each year within Second Life. It represents many things I love, including several new beautiful regions to explore (all fantasy in theme, an extra plus!), an amazing shopping experience, but most of all, a camaraderie like no other where everyone pulls together for a short time once a year to benefit a cause near and dear to my heart.

I’ve lost friends and family members to cancer and am also a 7 year survivor myself, so this makes the cause all the more special to me. The Faire just gets better and better every year, including the amazing sims created just for the event plus all the creations by the merchants. The creativity and imagination within the world of Second Life is awe-inspiring and never ceases to amaze me. I know a lot of voluntary planning and work go into this event all year long, and I want to thank everyone involved for their dedication!

Some of the Gallery events through the year

Tell us news about The Lost Unicorn Gallery, what has been happening in the last year?

We have stayed busy, that is for sure. We have had several amazing artist showcases throughout the year along with our artist rotations every 2-3 months. We still participate in the Enchantment event every 3 months by sponsoring a photo contest each round, plus, many of our in house artists submit pictures they’ve created especially for the theme each round that are displayed in the event’s gallery. We also had our yearly Christmas Extravaganza along with our all sim photo contest.

The only “new” thing to mention is we do have a couple of new regions that were added to the Lost Unicorn family…our Storybook Forest and Dragon Mist sims. The main thing to mention related to the gallery is we have a small gallery on the Storybook sim displaying pictures from fairy tales and other stories. Most are the pictures that were created for the Enchantment events. On our Dragon Mist sim, we have a medieval castle that has a Celtic/Irish theme with a dragon that guards his hoard. This castle also houses several of my own pictures, along with pictures by Nessa Zamora and SeleneLily Galicia. We also have several of artist Cybele Moon’s works she captured in Ireland on display throughout the castle. All these are dipslayed on an ongoing basis.

If you were a fantasy character or creature, what would you be?

A unicorn, of course 🙂 However, a faerie, elf or dragon would be fun too!

Do you have new Faire memories to share, or things you’re looking forward to most this year?

I always look forward to the hustle and bustle of Fantasy Faire every year! There’s something in the air that just draws me there and makes me want to stay! So glad it will be around longer this year 🙂

Thank you, Natalie, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for your continuous support and love for the Fairelands.

Distant view of The Lost Unicorn Gallery.

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