Farewell to the Fairelands 2018

The Fairelands of 2018 drifted into the Mists on Tuesday, leaving the Fairelanders feeling a mix of emotions: sadness for losing our second home for a year, happiness for all the shared joy and beauty, gratefulness for another amazing Faire and a longing for their return.

Haveit Neox filmed this farewell on the last day, going through all the Fairelands, mixing in some of the last parties, and then waiting for that final moment in The Story Well. Share the journey, the last memories, and rest assured that in the spring of 2019 the Fairelands will rise anew.

We raised almost 12 million lindens, Fairelanders. Over 48,000 US dollars. This was a record-breaking Faire, and you should all feel very proud and accomplished, and happy in the knowledge that you have been a part of something amazing and good. Take that knowledge with you for the rest of the year, hold that spirit high, and the world will be a better place, one small deed at a time.

Thank you.

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