LitFest Tours Part 13: A Poem from Fairelands Junction

The Portals of Fairelands Junction by Saffia Widdershins
The Portals of Fairelands Junction by Saffia Widdershins

Over the course of the Faire, Fairelanders joined tours of individual lands and told stories about them. These we are preserving on this website – and som
e will be made into special tales to be recorded for Fantasy Faire radio. We’re also going to share some of these stories here, and here are stories from the twelfth tour, to Fairelands Junction.

(Please note – these are the writings we have received to date. You can also read them on the Fairelands Junction page here – where any further works inspired by Fairelands Junction will be published)

Images by Aoife Lorefield, unless otherwise indicated


Parallel Undersea Realms
by Moira Draconia

Under the sea
I’ve seen parallel realms
so many choices
so many paths a dream can take
they are waiting for you
behind a thin membrane
reaching through
another world
so soft, so warm after being so cold
and alone
stretching the boundary from
one world to the next

Under the sea
drifting aimless in this dark space
just a little, glowing soul
among others
I follow them quietly
through the membranes
and back again
scaling rocks with creatures watching me

Above the sea
stars hang on chains
boats lay like misplaced slippers
a tall tower rising into the purple twilight
greets my tired eyes
like an old dog wagging its tail
its flickering flame
guiding me

Above the sea
I see a cage
a cage I think I am inside
but really I am out
on the cliffs
I see so many lit candles
tucked in alcoves
so the flames won’t burn out

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