The Song of the Fairelands

Many of us have a second home. It appears before us for a few weeks every spring, and then fades, leaving behind just memories and a longing. In those few short weeks we rush home, we try to see everything, experience everything, we try to feel the connection to the lands.

The Fairelands welcome all, embrace all, provide shelter and care, inspiration and hope to all who enter. They whisper words, hum soft songs, and they differ for each listener. To some they sing courage, to some they offer comfort, to some there’s an aria of imagination, to some a source of joy.

As you first step into the Fairelands the enchantment falls on you like warm rays of sun in the spring. The defining, life-changing moment arrives when you volunteer to help the Fairelands. The first time you work to aid the dream, the first time you give of yourself to them: that is when everything changes. You feel that you are not a visitor anymore, you are a resident.

Faireland Passport, Faireland residency, is not something gained with words. There is no one giving you permission or status. No one could. Fairelands live through the work of Fairelanders, and Fairelanders are rewarded with that rare treasure, that feeling of “We made this happen. I helped, I worked, I gave of myself and look how they bloom and flourish. Look how stunning they are, look how perfect.”

Faireland residency is gained each year anew through time donated, love offered, care given, and community formed. The more you work, the more you feel connected to the lands, the more proud you are by the time the Fairelands fade. Proud of yourself, and the job well done, but more importantly, proud of all the people joining together and working for one goal.

It is never a small thing when people work together, and it is always a reminder that despite all the signs we might be showered with by the media on daily basis, that it is truly the basis of humanity, the core of human nature: cooperation. Coming together as a community, working together toward shared goal: that is how societies were born once upon a time. That is how they are born now.

It is addictive, working for the Fairelands. The first time you do that, the first time you feel the euphoria of hope and accomplishment, you will want more. Do more, help more, make everything even better the next time. Grow, evolve, become better. As people, as Fairelanders, as Fairelands.

That is the song they sing to me: the song of improvement and growth, the song of community and cooperation, the song of hope.

Thank you for working, thank you for hoping, thank you for believing. Thank you for singing the song of the Fairelands.

3 thoughts on “The Song of the Fairelands”

  1. Reblogged this on Shari The Cat – Not so New Blogger – Still Old Soul! and commented:
    To the Fairelands, we once more say goodbye, the mists will come soon to claim them and for then til the next time they appear from the mist, to brighten our lives, shining like beacons of hope to us all, we wait, we help in other projects and we stick together like glue,. Our time spent in the Fairelands is so very special, in any capacity, to build, to design, to write, to blog, to shop, to donate, to be there, to attend, to see shows or to just BE. Everyone is as welcome as the next and each as special as they are themselves, there is no bullying brooked there, no humiliation, just fun and magic and lots of fantastic people. Goodbye darling Fairelands, ’til the next time. ♥

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