LitFest Tours: They’re not over yet!

The Halls of Story
The Halls of Story

The LitFest Tours have proved very popular this year and – as usual – they have in the main focused on the ten shopping regions (with a special excursion to the Story Well).

Now, however, we have an extra week … and we are really excited to be able to use some of that extra time to explore the four regions that we were unable to include in the main Faire itself.

Astrid's Nemeton
Astrid’s Nemeton

So, we will be visiting:

Thursday 3rd May: The Halls of Story
Friday 4th May: Astrid’s Nemeton
Saturday 5th May: Fairelands Junction
Sunday 6th May: Ardessa

Each Tour will take place at 5pm SLT, and will be led by Saffia Widdershins with music provided by Nyza Stillwater.

Fairelands Junction
Fairelands Junction

The Halls of Story (created by Elicio Ember)
This region has hosted the Literary Festival (and, indeed, has seen the start of all the LitFest Tours!). Now you will have the chance to explore its beauties, and its lovely story!

Astrid’s Nemeton (created by Irriven)
The home of the second stage (the Theatre of the Mists), the base for most of the One Team Initiative homes, the location of a powerful and beautiful mini quest … there is certainly a great deal to see in Astrid’s Nemeton – and we’re delighted to have a chance to explore. We may even take a boat trip too …

Fairelands Junction (created by Saiyge Lotus)
Every year, Fairelands Junction is the heart of the Fairelands. Taking on different forms annually, it is the constant in the Faire, welcoming visitors every year. And this year it is also the site for the Worldlings, the minature worlds that might one day expand, or which might one day have been …  Usually, Junction is too crowded for us to be able to explore it properly. But this year we can take advantage of the extra days and explore it thoroughly!

Ardessa (created by Éclair Martinek)
Ardessa has hosted the second part of the Quest this year, and many have admired its beauty as they moved from one objective to the next. Now, with the extra week, we are going to take advantage of the opportunity to explore this lovely location – without disturbing too many Questers!


Read more about the LitFest Story Tours here.

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