Great News From Severina – April 28th The Princess Is Found!

Belial has a habit of turning back up like a bad penny, and death didn’t stop him yet again. He came back after his battle with the Shade Draco Lich, and was right there in the safe chamber, calling down the hoards of THINGS in the prison, and generally being an all around villain, trying to keep the Princess Stevie from being rescued.

Belial back on his throne again, with Morgan and Slay most displeased by this.

Princess Is Saved

Yet again the bodies hit the floor, in a long battle and search for the princess.

Princess Rescue 14_005

Finally she was found!
On top of a rock ledge, growling and snarling, the Princess appeared to have been fending off the beasts who also occupied the Gem.

Princess Rescue_001

When asked about the blood on her, with Morgan calling for a medic, it was quickly told not to be her own.

Princess Rescue 14_001

Seems she’d kept herself alive by dining on a few of the demons who kept her prisoner, but had not been able to find her way out of the maze.

Princess Rescue 14_011

Quickly she was then taken to an escape point, and brought back down to the docks and safety and then home.

Princess Rescue 14_010

Morgan and T stand with the princess, now found!

Princess Rescue 14_012

Finally the heroes rounded up, and went with the princess, Morgan and Slay last to go. Morgan wound up facing Belial, who had managed to escape yet again being permanently destroyed via decapitation. He made the caverns of the prison finally collapse, nearly burying both, and causing many horrors to escape and fall to earth that the angel had not yet contained in the new prison she was building. Finally, Morgan escaped, and a few moments later, so did Slay, asking if he might have a bit of time off.

Princess Rescue 14_006

Princess Stevie going home at last!

Princess Rescue Home

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