Daily Recap: Sunday

Tiny Town – picture by Alisaundra Andel.

The second Sunday of the Faire is always the last official day of programmed events, and the date shown on all the posters as the last day of the Faire. Experienced Fairelanders know better though: our Linden Overlords tend to get captured by the Fairelands Watch, and also tend to bribe their way into freedom with more Faire days!

This happened this year as well, and the Fairelands will be open for shopping, questing and exploring through May 7th!

There will be an occasional event popping up here and there: for example Literary Festival Region Tours will continue, and there is an euro-time-friendly Ball in plans as well! …not to mention the impromptu events such as The Bus! No need to go anywhere, Fairelanders: relax, shop and enjoy wonderful home-time with less need to rush about to catch everything.

As for that Sunday, oh that Sunday, it was glorious. A perfect mix of laughing until your face hurts, and feeling good for a goal reached.

There was “Hey Nonny Nonny!” …I mean Much Ado About Nothing encore, there was Jail & Bail of Repeat Pawfenders Clover Dezno & Druscilla Ferraris and even four hours of roller disco in Xanadu! to wrap up the night.

When you’ve seen tinies in a cage in a wootberry vat, surrounded by unicorns, pixies, tinies, dinkies, dragons, dancing foxes, and fae folk… that is when you know you’re home. No, you have not seen everything. Not in the Fairelands! But that is when you know all is good in the world, that there’s always a Fairelander Paw to help you up if you fall, that is when you know that together we can make miracles. Add to that rollerskating breakdancing dragons, small critters zooming around with just one skate, mer-shrooms, hopping disco penguins and otters and the world could not be any more perfect.

The Jail & Bail of The Infamous Tiny Lunchbox Stealers!

If you’d need any concrete proof of the Faire Spirit, that is always visible in the Live Auction when we auction off pieces of the Fairelands so people can bring them home to enjoy the Fairelands all year round. There’s bidding wars, there’s Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley auctioneering, there’s open admiration of the selected pieces, and of course good-natured shouting all around.

If you missed the Live Auction, you can still catch it through this video Nyza Stillwater filmed. Thank you, Nyza!

The high bid of this year goes to Carmella Santana (carmelasia), the dinkie Pawlice with a balloon: she acquired the whole Faireland of Erstwhile for 145,000 lindens. Considering she also grabbed the waffle machine from Tiny Town earlier, at least she’ll have a good place to put it! Congratulations, Carmella! Congratulations and thank you to all the winners!

The whole of Live Auction brought in 1,100,000 linden dollars, bringing the Faire total easily over 10,000,000 lindens for this year. That is ten million lindens, Fairelanders. Ten million lindens. With the USD donations through the RFL’s website that brings the Faire total to staggering 42,028 US dollars. I am told that is a 33% increase from last year. It is also more than the first three years of the Faire combined!

…and we are not even done yet! There’s shopping and questing and building our very own Fairelands Hope Lodge in Ardessa, and impromptu events all over for a week still! I am looking at a kiosk right now and it has the beautiful number of L$10,437,092 on it. I’m certain that before the Fairelands fade back into the Mists, that number has grown to be something (even more) astonishing. We are running out of adjectives over here, in a week you’ll have me just going “ooooooooooo” and posting pictures of a kiosk!

Fortunately if I run out of words, the Dreamer Bard has some:

“Ember Farina, Lauren Thibaud and I want to thank everyone who has labored long and hard in the last ten years to make our dream of the Faire a reality. It could not have happened without each of you stepping up in myriad ways. The managers of Fantasy Faire 2018, Elizabeth Tinsley, Da5id Abbot and I are just as astonished as are all of you by the achievements of this tenth year. There are not words adequate to express our collective gratitude for the community, energy and spirit which we call the Fairelands.” – Zander Greene

Thank you, Fairelanders. Thank you.

Fantasy Faire has relayed L$10,413,375 ($42,028)  by the end of the eleventh day of the Faire. Thank you for an amazing job, Fairelanders!

The Fantasy Faire 2018 is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors: BattleBeast Breedables, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Dragon Magick Wares, Eagle’s Photo Studio, Elven Forest, Emerald Hurst, Fallen Gods Inc., FLAPSaC, ~Jeanette’s Joint~, Jinx, The Lands of Luth, Little, Big Designs, The Looking Glass, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, Merchants of Dreams, The Republic of Cala Mondrago, Rivendale, Roawenwood, Sanctuary RP Community, Sandhands, Seanchai Library, Secrets of Gaia, Silvan Moon Designs, Solarium, Spyralle, Swank, Tai’Dyed and Titans.

Fantasy Faire 2018
The Halls of Story & the Fairechylde – picture by Alisaundra Andel.

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