Warrant: Clover Dezno & Druscilla Ferraris

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Jail and Bail - Clover and Druscilla
Repeat Pawfenders Druscilla Ferraris & Clover Dezno in 2017 — what did they do this time? – picture by Wildstar Beaumont.

Here Ye! Here Ye! (See we sez dat twice so you KNOW we beri serus!)

The Fairelands Watch (we da good looking ones which reminds us, you all needs to up your game!) do here in dis place and on dis day declare the following: Attenshun!! ALL OSSIFERS OF DA LONG PAW OF DA LAW/

1. But there are two names that have always been synon – synonamu – syn – that mean the same thing as EBIL! Druscilla Ferraris and Clover Dezno. And this year, dey haz an accomplise. – da Zephry Pinelli

2. Dees two nonw THREE neber learn! Have we warned them? Have we been patient? Have we given them every chance to straighten up? Have we run out of rhetorical questions? If you answered yes to all of these then good for you! Here’s a waffle!

3. And what are we gonna do?? We’re gonna lock ’em up! We gonna lock ’em up and take the key to the cracks of Mount Doom (maybe stop at a Stuckey’s along the way for a Pecan Log). We gonna melt that key down, take the little melty lump and throw it in the bottom of Alia Baroque’s toy box, cus NOBUDDY in their right mind would go looking for it in there! <<shudder>>

4. ALL FREE of dem been spotted around da fairelands, stealin lunches and jest laffing. Hmm do we leave then in or let dem out.

So! There remains only one question that we, the Faireland Watch now ask of you, and it is this:

You gonna eat that waffle?

We is da Law. We haz spoken!

Sheriff OldeSoul
The Fairelands Watch


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