This Just In From The Magpies On Bazaar Dungeon – April 27th: All Things Set Right

That Which Was Stolen

Finale 001
Gathered for the spell

The Bard Queen is a symbol of good, the Unweaver is an evil cancer upon the land, but the Bard King cares only for himself.

He stole the memories and stories of his victims to fuel his Worde Horde. Tragic stories only he knows grants him great power and the King goes to any lengths to keep them a tragedy permanently. He had stolen and spread the artifacts and placed a powerful enchantment upon the door.

Finale 002
A troublesome raven pronounced doom on all who entered

The Magpies had fought Death Knights, Dragons, and dealt with angry shopkeepers for these artifacts! All the while never knowing what lie beyond.

Now it was time to break the spell, but Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe was nowhere to be seen. The raven gave a caw of mocking laughter. It had deterred the easily distracted magician.

Finale 003
Avariel, Guardian of the Air, thought the birdy was still misunderstood. Strifeclaw showed her frustration openly.

Not all was lost. Because they were under the Earth, Strifeclaw led the other Guardian as she stepped forward once again:

Finale 004
It was time to bring Cheer to this cheerless tale

 Heed me, oh wicked Thief of Stories

whose presence is only expanded by Greed

We resist you, oh terrible King of Bards,

Ye who thrives upon this wicked deed

Finale 005
We dance, rise, and sing as one

Let what you have hidden be unearthed.

Let that which was stolen be relearned,

Let this spell be the end of your treachery,

And let the power you took be returned!

Finale 006
Already the spell grew in power

We found the gems of prisons might

In a mirror we fought a dreaded Death Knight

In Jail we did spend to earn the Gem of Air

And in Lore Lost did we find the Book of Earth

Finale 007
Our Minstrel and Avariel Avail of Air found themselves on the ceiling? The Bard King wanted us disoriented!

Your Cunning words cannot defeat this Song

Your Darkness cannot stand against the Light

Charity and Cheer shall be thy Bane,

And know now that we shall win this Fight!

And thus the festivities began, but the Bard Kings wicked minions tried to stop them.

Finale 008
The raven attacked the celebration and kept our cheer to a minimum and stole what we did manage!

A raven stole the power they raised and tried to deter them, pecking at them and summoning rain and thunder to end their parade. Even Strifeclaw could not bite this bird which was protected by some foul enchantment.

When it seemed that they could not defeat the bird, Strifeclaw had a new plan, to call on the Fairelanders charity to bind the bird itself:

Heed me, energy given in faith and cheer,

Do not be mislead by wicked fear

Let what was Good become as firm as stone

and leave this wicked Bird a statue prone!

Finale 009
The statue

The Fairelanders were asked to fuel the spell quickly to turn the bird to stone. They responded swiftly. Thousands raised to defeat the Kings minion. The avian screeched in shocked pain and then fell to the flow turning to stone.

The Kings last distraction defeated, the Magpies and Fairelanders redoubled their efforts. They helped pass 7 million for the Faire. And 100,000 towards their goal.

Finale 010
The charity and good will kept rising

It wasn’t before long that the Magpies had unlocked Water and then Air.

Time was running out. They needed to make a large push to finish before the spell weakened.

Finale 011
The door opens!

The Magpies let out a mighty Caw-kaw! The door began to open and it was thought their prize would be revealed.

It was a sick little boy who had lost his Fiery red hair. It was the long lost Guardian of Fire.

Finale 012
Trapped here all but forgotten

His sick condition, surrounded by water, and locked behind powerful enchantments brought righteous anger from those gathered. All this the Bard King had done to keep this source of his power?

The Fire Guardian collapsed as they let him out. There was no way to save him it seemed for even the other Guardians could not lift him without causing Fire severe pain.

Finale 013
Trapped here all but forgotten.

The Magpies fetched a cart and tried to get him to the Sentinel. The boy smiled at them and then died shortly after seeing it.

The Magpies mourned him while others in the back still needed to know what happened. Before they told the great tragedy the boy erupted into flames and floated into the air.

The Fire Guardian was reborn now, not as a human but as an immortal Phoenix.

Finale 014
The Bard King will not have this tragedy any longer

The Guardian thanked the Magpies and all who had has contributed to his release. 266300 was raised today to free him. 404,501 at full total.

The Magpies thanked everyone who joined their cause. It was a harrowing adventure and the prize was nothing they imagined. But now they had learned that some treasures are more valuable than gold.

Although…it still is quite…shiny…​

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