The Latest News From Sanctuary At Severina

Saturday April 21st
Another Day Of Combat

The adventurers have come again this day to do battle and to find the princess. Lycan brutes, Evil Liches, Demonesses. All such are passing time in this prison. Forever. Because nothing there can die.

Fantasy Faire 2018 421#1

Adventurers gathered with Nastash and Slay in a relatively safe place

Today The adventurers also found out that once you die here, you are tied to the place. The ancient Lich mage Nastash revealed the secret that Slay had not yet, as the Princess must be saved. Her dagger was found this day. Morgan and many others have so far fallen, and of course, come back to fight again. There is a way out, but only Nastash knows it. And only Nastash can work his magics there.

Fantasy Faire 2018 421#2

Nastash, Slay, the lovely T, and a troll named One Eyed Banchō

He might. He’s bored. Morgan begged most prettily. But will that help? Nastash after all has no soul. He’s different than the other prisoners there. It was his soul that FORGED the prison and the gem for some terrible offense after all…

Fantasy Faire 2018 421#3

Morgan down, raised again by Nastash, looked upon by Slay

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