Shining Through

Up to now, we’ve talked in dry and scientific language. We’ve spoken of performance issues and technical difficulties. Today, let’s look at it from another angle.

Fairelanders and friends, the Unweaver took a swipe at us.

It feels like this happens every year, one way or another. So many people look forward to the Faire every year and bring the best of themselves to the Fairelands that we’ve become a beacon of hope in the fight against the Unweaver and now, more than ever before, we are reaching our hands together out of the virtual and into the ‘real’.

So this year he took a big swipe.

Thanks to no small help from Faire Friends at Linden Lab, the estate was moved to different servers – twice. We’re on the same event servers used for Relay weekend, according to the Lindens with whom we’ve been dealing, and that’s healed the wounds to fourteen of the fifteen Fairelands.

Aetherea, however, is different. The Lindens with whom we’ve been speaking tell us they’ve never seen this before, either in use or even in testing. The true causes will be found, eventually, in forensic examination of the server logs but we know that the normal answers and solutions don’t apply here.

Alia Baroque has worked tirelessly with us, the Lindens and on his own to find and implement ways to ameliorate the effects of this sickness, but there is only such much that can be done. After the weekend, work will begin on a new Aetherea which, when completed and tested, will hopefully stand in place of her sister to reinforce the Fairelands and our spirits with them.

As the situation develops and we know more, we will tell you. The Fairelands are home and we as Fairelanders are family. There’s no need for us to hide this. Know that more hands than you can see are turned to the aid of our sick Faireland, and that she will be cured of what ails her.

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